1. chipper

    Chipper's - MTD SS300 - (Vintage Class)

    Well folks I'm in , I know the suspense was Killin ya :biggrin: MTD Western Flyer Trail Bike SS300 , gonna need some love . It has a hokey scrub brake welded on that has to go , the neck tube had been cut down for Cat 250 forks ( those are gone ) , got a crazy re-weld on left side main tube near...
  2. chipper

    Chippers Vintage Class Roper

    Well here it goes , I bought this last year in Aledo TX for next to nothing , it had K&S Forks with a Manco front wheel , Missing a foot peg , no engine , it's painted with a very thick coat of tractor paint , lol .It had the kickstand and rear fender bracket , I acquired the Forks from a fine...
  3. chipper

    Chippers Open Class Golden Pinto

    This is my starting point for a Resto-Mod restoration , it's missing a few original parts , fenders , seat , shocks , name tag , other than that it's all there . I'm going to keep the original look as close as possible with a few upgrades including a new Predator 212 , eliminating the scrub...