Chipper's - MTD SS300 - (Vintage Class)

Well folks I'm in , I know the suspense was Killin ya :biggrin: MTD Western Flyer Trail Bike SS300 , gonna need some love . It has a hokey scrub brake welded on that has to go , the neck tube had been cut down for Cat 250 forks ( those are gone ) , got a crazy re-weld on left side main tube near fork tube that needs to be addressed and some other crazy tab welded on the right side lower frame . The goal is to make this thing pretty dang close to original which should be possible . Power is likely going to be a later model 3.5 hp Tecumseh ! More pics to follow soon once I get started , still rebuilding my in-laws flooded house so haven't had the time I need but that project is coming to a close .
And go big or go home :laugh:


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If you need any help, I built one a couple years ago.
Might even have the impossible to find band brake mount.
Nice longer framed bikes.
Good luck bro.
Bama lost.bwwaahaaaa!!
Good luck and Thanks for participating. And since you are a true rookie at this building bikes..feel free to ask mr.pat or myself questions.
Angelo-- I have a complete MTD band brake assembly. If you have a pic of what you need, I can compare to what I have. Good luck on the build...nice to have more competition in Vintage!:thumbsup:
Well here is what I have to do on the frame , neck tube was cut down and thusly has to be removed and replaced , got to repair the re-weld on frame tube , remove the custom scrub brake and that other welded on tab ( Don't know what it was for ) , I'll have to massage the top tubes to get rid of the fork dings , lol .