1. T

    Wanted: straight DB30 rear rim and disk

    I may need two so let me know what you have and how much you want for each
  2. S

    4" disk for jackshaft mounted brake

    any one have a 4" approx disk for a 5/8" or 3/4" jackshaft mounted mechanical disk brake or where to get or make one? thanks
  3. V

    Needed arco disk caliper

    Needed orignal rear disk brake caliper to fit arco bike.
  4. Not so mini bike

    Horstman disk clutch

    Basket has some chain rash but still functioning. Can't mess with 14t installed and extra 16t and 2 15t sprockets. #35 chain 3/4" bore. Disk in it is brand new. $75 shipped
  5. V

    need a rupp lever rear disk pic

    Anyone own a rupp with a rear disk brake with foot pedal. i need a detailed pic of the lever and mount as well as the caliper. i bought a nos rod and caliper but im going to have to make the lever. my bike was missing all brake parts. thanks in advance for anyones help.
  6. V

    wtb rupp disk brake

    wtb rear rupp disk brake the pedal,rod caliper mounts everything for a c-500 c-350.
  7. M

    Mini Bike Disk Brakes

    Im having issues with my MTD minibike I added a disk brake setup. Im using a brand-new doodlebug brake caliper. After going back and forth down the street at about 40mph 3 times the brakes are slipping and smoking. The brakes in general are sluggish and even more after the few runs down the...
  8. slmcneil

    Cat real wheel for disk brake setup

    im looking for a cat rear wheel with disk brake setup for a cat eliminator
  9. T

    Adding a disk brake setup on drum wheels?

    Do disk brakes only attach to a flange thats welded to the wheel itself? My rear wheel has drum brakes so there is nothing to bolt a rotor onto. Is changing the wheels the only option? It's a Coleman ct200u, looks to use the same wheels as the Baja mb200
  10. D

    Single disk bully

    There's a single disk 6 spring bully clutch for sale locally and I was wanting to know if anyone has any experience with one? I'm 260lbs and will be running 1/8 mile drag with it and want to know how it will launch and holdup with the single disk? Any information will be appreciated.
  11. B

    Scat Kitty disk brake and engine

    Hello all, I'm re-posting this again as winter is coming and i'm getting the itch to get this done, I'm looking for the disk brake parts for a Scat kitty i have a complete bike with out brakes and engine any help would be greatly appreciated, Also i'm looking for a Tec h25 engine as the one i...
  12. Y

    68` l'll Indain

    picked up a l'll Indian , it has the disk brake bracket on it , I would like to put on a disk brake for it, which one can I use ,
  13. M

    I need help! Manco Disk Brake Installation

    I have a brand new Manco type disk brake system. I understand how it works but would like to see how it was mounted so that I can adapt it to my mini bike. Instead of adding a separate disk I plan on using the sprocket instead. I have searched the forum and googled other sites but haven't...
  14. Thad

    Modified what? Bonanza Chopper? Homemade?

    I just drove a very long distance to get this. what is it? The frame is wide. I see bonanza but.. Is that a Rupp wheel? Look at the jack shaft setup? What is the chain guard from ? Is this mostly homemade? Somebody really liked balls. I am lost. It's a nice well setup custom bike that just...
  15. P

    Noram cheetah clutch

    I was wondering if the noram cheetah clutch has a horsepower range/limit. Hoping for close to 20 hp with setup I am running. I am not sure if the 2 disk is enough or do I need a 3 disk. Any info is appreciated.
  16. D

    2 disk Hortsman clutch

    I have a used 2 disk Hortsman clutch. 15 tooth driver. $100 shipped. located in Grandville Michigan
  17. D

    Real world experience with hydraulic disk brake conversion on rear.

    I've searched and searched with the search tab in a few sections on OldMiniBikes but cannot find any info on this subject. I am looking at using the sprocket for the brake disk but need a good universal type caliper and master cylinder. Ive seen some on doodle bugs but Im unsure how thick of a brake disk...
  18. B

    Scat Kitty disk brake parts

    Hello i have been trying to put a Scat Kitty together for a while now and this winter it's my project, It is almost complete except for the disk break parts, ( Caliper, bracket to hold caliper, linkage and last but not least side chain cover. I know i will need to fab a lot of this up but if...
  19. thejoker

    Kelsey and Hayes disk brake calipers

    I have one 220m and one 210m kelsey and Hayes disk brake calipers. $80 each please pm me your name and number for pictures. Please add 3% for paypal. Side note I like cat parts. Thanks Joe
  20. Bikerscum

    Lil Indian disk brake pads

    I needed some new disk brake pads for my Lil Indian caliper, had to buy a minimum quantity of material so I made a few sets. Nice reproductions, includes the metal disk that goes behind the outboard side to take the pressure of the two pins. I have these on ebay for $15 a set +$2...