1. D

    Speedway mini bike parts new old stock on ebay!!!

    Parts listed in wrong section about to go off cheap look up speedway mini bike new old stock light set. Not in the normal vintage mini bike section 9 closed bags to make the speedway street legal.
  2. D

    Alsport trisport new old stock phase lll decal set on ebay!!!!!

    New old stock set for sale on ebay! Very cool trike to own, be better with a new set of decals. These dont come up often!
  3. Biodude

    Another Rupp TT500 for sale on Ebay!

    Looks like a nice one out of New York. The red is eye catching. Not 100% correct, but it definitely would be a great rider. vintage 1968 tt-500 rupp minibike | eBay

    Does anyone else have problems getting the correct parts from ebay?

    I understand that ordering drivetrain parts can be a complex affair that's why I carefully read the discription and ask questions before ordering but on 3 resent orders the parts were just wrong and at that point you need to take pictures send a email to the seller then start a return and be...
  5. Sport King Eric

    Bought a nice Barn find / survivor Tote gote 706 on ebay today...

    I saw this guy on ebay the other day and bid on it.. and I won!! I like my gotes and I was looking for a Balloon tire bike Its a little rusty but short of a side guard and 1 tank strap it appears to be all there.. I even has spark.. The tank has about a 1/4 inch of Varnish in the bottom so I...
  6. electra_boogaloo

    anyone here using an ebay andrie-x pipe?

    andrei-x on eBay i keep looking at these pipes. i know they're not "performance" but they are definitely "bad ass." i'm not going to be making any huge changes to my engine so i figure these should work fine. just wondering if OldMiniBikes has any experience or opinoins about these pipes. really...
  7. markus

    caper cycle on ebay

    Its a bit of a mess, but it is a caper! just need a little (ok a lot) of love!!!! MINI BIKE FRAME | eBay
  8. FlybyNight

    Sweet Montgomery Wards gilson on ebay

    Original 1972 Gilson Montgomery Ward Mini Bike with Papers! Runs Great, Garaged
  9. olddog

    Raptor Tribute on Ebay

    Briggs & Stratton Raptor Jr. 3.5 HP Custom Built Engine Go Cart Mini Bike Motor | eBay Raptor Tribute on ebay.
  10. Dr. Shop Teacher

    MW 525VT on eBay

    Vintage Montgomery Wards Minibike, Great Condition, Montgomery Wards, Fox, Rupp | eBay This looks like it started as a small wheel 525 and had the Gilson-correct trail bike wheels added. Belt drive clutch (!!!) to fixed diameter pulley on jackshaft. Briggs flathead. Has the complete headlight...
  11. markus

    20% off coupon for ebay

    This may or may not apply to everyone, I don't know if ebay coupons are generalized or they cater to how you shop etc.. At the bottom of your "summary" page (viewing on a PC) under where your purchases show up there is a coupon with info and code. This current one showing for me is 20% off...
  12. CLH

    Rare Mustang Trail Machine on eBay

    This isn't my bike, but these are rare so I had to share it. Here is a rare 1962 mustang trail machine with it's original 5 & 3/4 hp Briggs engine with the oil bath air cleaner- Look at that motor! It seems to have a (likely multi-speed) gearbox that has some sort of kickstart mechanism on it...
  13. Dr. Shop Teacher

    3/4 of a Gilson Trail Bike on ebay

    Wrong front forks, but they are suspended. Looks like OG TAV driven. Wheels in great shape. Big block. VINTAGE MINI BIKE Montgomery Ward Gilson mini bike | eBay No....I have other plans.:laugh:
  14. smudvapor

    Ebay can kiss it!!!

    I sold a mini bike last month for about what I had in it. I got an invoice from Ebay today for $150. What a crock. Never again.
  15. K

    ebay bc1200 with lights survivor

    Original Vintage 1968 Bonanza BC1200 Survivor Mini Bike With Lights Rupp | eBay
  16. markus

    Real winner on ebay!

    Looks like a pretty complete example :thumbsup: THE CAT VINTAGE MINI BIKE-RUNS GOOD | eBay 1972 Bennet Bros. catalog:
  17. D

    Anyone familiar with these, ebay carburetors?

    I need a carb for my tiller, these are cheap and look nice but are they any good? Anyone ever buy one? Carburetor for Tecumseh Troy Bilt Horse Tillers H50 H60 HH60 632230 632272 Carb | eBay
  18. CandyBandit

    saxonette on ebay for coleman, arctic cat, attex

    not mine but looks almost new COLEMAN 1971 VINTAGE 2.4 SACHS MINI BIKE ENGINE MOTORCYCLE | eBay
  19. J

    Broncco Dealer Manual on ebay

    I don't know how to post a link. If you search Broncco Dealer Manual it should come up.:cursing:
  20. R

    Powell on EBAY !

    No relation to seller Minibike mini bike Powell minibike Rupp bonanza Taco Cat Vintage minibike | eBay