1. T

    Tas 2 stroke parts wanted! Doesn't matter what it is!

    I'm looking for Tas 2 stroke parts! It doesn't matter what it it! Particularly looking for pull starter parts.
  2. T

    Keystone gas tank wanted along with ANY Tas engine parts!

    I'm looking for keystone mini bike parts. Also ANY Tas 2 stroke parts.
  3. T

    Tas 2 stroke engine parts wanted!

    Hello everyone! It's good to be back into it! I just got Tas 2 stoke motor and knew it was gonna need a part or 2. The real important thing right now is a complete piston. Best I can tell it's a 41mm bore. The engine didn't have one in it when I got it. Even a bad piston is better than no piston...
  4. gasser

    Yamaha RD250 engine

    I have a complete running '73 RD-250 motor with carbs and ignition. Its a twin cylinder 250cc 2 stroke with 5 speed trans. Can email or text pictures if anyone is interested. $400 for the whole swap.
  5. bigevilone2

    Early Powell Maybe Saape shifter engine mounted

    Early Powell shifter that bolts to engine. The gate is a new repro by Scottessy that he made for me. The shifter could use a little tweaking but will work. The bolt that holds it to the engine is included. Price is $100.00 shipped PAYPAL ONLY ! Thanks for looking.
  6. Rhodyjoe

    Tecumseh HS40 Engine For Sale

    Tecumseh HS40 - 55290B Engine For Sale Located in Franklinville, NJ 08322 Selling for $150 or highest offer - Nice condition - 3/4" shaft - Serial # 0268 12466 - Originally on a Rupp mini bike - Needs recoil start (good recoil spring, but does not engage crank) - Strong...
  7. Rhodyjoe

    Tecumseh HS-50 Engine For Sale

    For Sale: Tecumseh HS-50 - 67061A $150.00 Located in Franklinville, NJ 08322 - Serial #5099B -1" Shaft - Very nice, clean condition as shown in photos - Strong compression - I purchased from trusted source for mini bike project... Never got to use it. Local pickup or can...
  8. Oldschoolcool

    Engine offset question

    Hi all, I would like to put a larger engine in my El Tigre roller and have a question on chain alignment. Is there a bolt on jack shaft plate or tourqe convertor with the rear wheel drive sprocket on the back side of the plate for an offset alignment? Thanks, Denny
  9. nico_v

    Series 30 torque converter on a 11 HP engine?

    Hi all, First post here so let me introduce myself real quick, I'm Nico from Sweden. Recently got inspired to build a mini bike after seeing a bunch of videos on Youtube that looked like it would be way too much fun. So I went and got me a little 70s kids dirtbike for parts (wheels, fork)...
  10. D

    MA. Project Clark Cyclops. Honda GC160 engine. Torque converter.

    Newer build. Replaced jackshaft. Brake on left side. sprocket on right. new tubes with newer tires. new tank. Still needs rear brake cable. $500 or best offer.
  11. BBQJOE

    Help!!! Engine starts when I pull cord.

    Almost every time! I just don't get it. Please help. Maybe I should jack with the carb?
  12. G

    Murray Track 2 Engine Swap

    I have a Murray Track 2 that I am going to swap the engine on. I am swapping it with a Honda GC160 5hp engine. It came from a pressure washer. I am thinking of getting a new max torque clutch. Is there anything else I need to buy along with the new clutch? Does anyone know if the 3.5hp...
  13. Sixpac440

    How do you "break in" a Tec H50 motorsports engine?

    Dumb question that I do not have the answer to!!
  14. creia

    What minibikes had angled engine mounting plates?

    I know that some Rupp, Fox, and Speedway bikes had engines mounted at an angle. Were there any other brands that did this? Michael
  15. R

    5hp briggs i/c engine

    5hp Briggs engine with cast iron bore. Came off a generator. Serial numbers date it to 1980s era. Pics available but can't seem to pot them on my phone. $125 shipped.
  16. R

    Original Untouched Clinton Panther A-400 Engine with extra parts

    I have a Original untouched low hour Clinton Panther A-400 1000. Rotation CCW Has original paper work that will come with Rotation CCW PTO shaft 5/8" 2 1/4" long keyed and tapped All decals are remaining and in good condition Inside of gas tank Bright silver zero rust or residue Fuel tank...
  17. Outlaw Ace

    Who sells an engine spacer?

    I want a couple of engine spacers 3/4" to 1" preferably aluminum to ease the installation of a predator in my Ropers, I know I have to move the slots forward but I want the engine's higher to clear the carb bowl. So if anyone knows where to find them or would be willing to make a couple for a...
  18. james ackerman

    Power products h-58 engine, with motor mount.

    Recoil, doesn't catch starter cup, I assume that it needs new paws on the recoil. Did run before recoil stopped grabbing. Cw rotation at the crank. $175 plus shipping.
  19. P

    1970 Arctic Cat SSS I - Model# 2200-001; Serial # 000092. Engine: 47cc Sachs 2.8 Ho

    That's my ride! Considering selling it and am asking $2500 or best offer. I'm original owner, and it's been parked since 1976. It's in great shape except for rewind and starter switch.
  20. Zooming993

    Briggs & Stratton 3HP (80202) Engine Shroud/Housing

    Looking for a B&S housing (model No. 80202) with a manufacturing date between 1965 thru 1967. Thanks