1. AboveUpNorth

    Backwards stamp on 3hp engine shroud

    What in the he'll is this doing stamped backwards? Have any of you seen this before? it came on the Sensation Mike Bike that I purchased this morning.
  2. aranhawaii

    Where else can I get an engine upgrade kit?

    Really need this: https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/baja-doodle-bug-engine-swap-kit-plate.html But they are out of stock. Is there somewhere else that sells these online that I should check? I'm in a hurry and can't wait til OldMiniBikes Warehouse gets more.
  3. danford1

    WTD Good running Predator or clone engine

    I'm looking for a good running used Predator or clone engine. Local to south east Michigan. What do you have, how much, where are you located? Danford1 PS Yes I know you can get them new for $99 or less. I'm helping a guy out on a tight budget build... Used ones are way cheaper.
  4. Von Zipper

    Small v twin engine

    Does anybody know of a real small light weight v twin engine that was ever produced? I 'm looking for something similar to a Briggs vangard that is half the size. I have seen pics of a shop made Honda 90cc clone that the guy made a crankcase and crank to mate 2 engines together. I didn't want to...
  5. J

    Rupp Mini Bike w/HS50 Engine $400

    This is the same Mini Bike that I posted about a week ago for $500. . .just couldn't figure out a way to change the title of the post to include the new lower price! I'm going to be driving from New York to Houston, then to Austin, TX most likely going through Nashville on the way between May...
  6. Rustygold

    Rupp twin engine Dart karts,Show and Tell

    I picked up a couple of Rupp dart's. The first kart is in MI and I'm in IN. and I won't get my hands on it until June. The second one I picked up in a trade a couple of days ago here locally. This one is missing some pieces and has a few add ons but is a very good and solid chassis. I haven't...
  7. markus

    Lil indian 2 speed engine clutch wanted other LI parts as well buy/trade

    I have an NOS driven assembly on the way and would like to find the correct 2 speed dual sprocket clutch if possible only because If I go original Its exposed so its gotta be the right clutch. complete clutch in good shape only though please. Also want/need an original 1968 only chainguard...
  8. J

    What RUPP is this? Engine HS50-67204D

    Hello! I've had this RUPP minibike for about 20 years. I'm moving and have to "downsize" :-( I'd like to know what model this is and find the right person that might want to buy it so it finds a good home! I tried posting a picture but got "too many links" and the post was forbidden. ...
  9. N

    Hodaka ace 100 e code engine

    Look at this on eBay HODAKA ACE 100 vintage restored motor engine AHRMA Bonanza mini bike,motorcycle | eBay
  10. DeadPixel

    Engine paint?

    Thinking about painting my motor and plan on doing primer, base coat and clear. How many coats is too much? I plan on doing 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint and about 3 coats of clear. The first coat of each stage will be a light coat and second coats will be to even out color and coverage...
  11. J

    Clinton A490 engine

    I am looking for an A490 Clinton for a vintage kart. Would like correct original engine, running or not.
  12. J

    Clinton a400 engine

    Looking for a Clinton a400 in good running condition.
  13. B

    212 cc prediter engine governer arm. throttle troubles and removal

    i took a brand new out of the box 212 cc prediter engine and put the honda clone electrodes and flywheel on it. i ran the cord safely behind a heat sheild that i ground down slighly to accomodate it. the nut on the crankshaft goes halfway on (litterally half of the nuts threads are used) i used...

    WTB engine mount

    Hi everybody, the season is near. looking for a motor mount for the sachs 80b, widow maker. theres gotta be one out there somewhere. thanks for looking.
  15. danford1

    Small engine quiz.

    I was surfing the net and stumbled on this small engine quiz. It is 30 questions long. Some are very easy and some will make you think. Post how many you got right :-) The Ultimate Repairing a Small Engine Quiz | HowStuffWorks Danford1
  16. O

    49cc Honda push rod engine unusual serial number

    Hi, I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for accepting me. I mainly collect and tinker with old cars now as my health has taken a turn and my wife tells me I am too old to ride anymore. I am building a small bike for my grandson and I picked up this Honda engine that I can not find...
  17. Midyrman

    Tecumseh HS40 Lighted Engine ORIGINAL 1970

    Tecumseh HS-40 Lighted Coil (1970) - original MX1310 engine. Original paint (except air filter canister), new housing and air cleaner decals, great compression and spark, runs clean, carb bowl needle and drain gaskets need replacing and carb likely adjusted. Looks to be never taken apart...
  18. K

    Motovox mbx10 with 212cc predator engine, way too much low end torque.

    Hello everyone, I have a motovox mbx10 that I installed a 212cc predator engine and now the bike has way too much low end torque. The motor has a lot of mods. After some research I believe that I need a smaller sprocket? 60 tooth do what I need? Does anyone know the specs so I can buy...
  19. C

    Predator Hemi 212CC engine

    Does the stock Predator Hemi cylinder bore have a special coating or can they be bored and how much? Would the 3"' cast iron cylinder sleeve be worth the money for more horsepower gain. Motor is stock at the moment?
  20. C

    Predator Hemi 212CC engine

    Does the stock cylinder bore have a hardened surface or can it be bored and how much?