1. K

    reo mower engine mini bike

    thinking about picking this up for a possible tom thumb mini bike engine. has anyone used them for a mini and can u find a centrifugal clutch for themhttps://portland.craigslist.org/clc/grd/d/reo-reel-lawnmower-vintage/6181598047.html
  2. E

    Predator 212 Swap on Baja Dirtbug - engine vibrations

    So I swapped a Predator 212 onto a Baja Dirtbug and it runs great. Used an engine mounting plate and it fits very tight but fits and works. But the engine shakes so bad at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle. It shakes so bad that it throws the chain. Any idea why this could be? I read that it could be because...
  3. D

    Loose Flywheel Nut on DB30R Stock 97cc Engine

    My pull start is out of commission and while waiting on the new assembly to arrive, I tried starting the engine using a cordless drill and 11/16 socket. The engine started up, but the nut on the impeller loosened up and caused the impeller to fall off while the engine was running. I tried...
  4. K

    lil indian tecumseh engine

    is this the right engine for a lil indian mini bike
  5. R

    Ordered 212cc Predator for my Motovox MBX11, does low use old engine have any value?

    As title says, I found a $99 Harbor Freight code for a Predator 60363 engine, and ordered it. :thumbsup: The minibike has very low use, and I know it's a turd, but I was just wondering if the "stock" engine and exhaust has any value? :shrug: I was thinking of putting it on my local...
  6. O

    Jacobsen 321 2 Cycle Engine Parts

    Parts appear to be from a Jacobsen 321 2 cycle engine. They may fit other models as well. All parts are untested and in good used condition. Prices INCLUDE shipping and handling. Shipping to the USA ONLY. PayPal preferred. USPS money orders also accepted. Discount given if you pick up the...
  7. C

    Honda Clone Gy6 Engine

    I wanted to know about the ICEBEAR MADDOG GENERATION IV Scooter? I have heard it both ways, Does this Scooter come with Gy6 engine. One company that sells it, MegaMadness says it comes with the Gy6. Does anyone know for sure. I do not want to buy a Scooter without the Gy6 engine. Thank you for...
  8. electra_boogaloo

    carb options for engine with govenor

    baja warrior, predator 212 hemi, tav2 clone. bike is a trail bike so i won't be making speed runs. i've already hit 40mph and that's fine. planning on leaving the govenor in tact. i want to have an open exhaust and a high flow air filter. i know i will at least need to jet my carb, but should...

    I inherited a honda monkey bike clone engine thingy

    No idea what displacement it is it appears to be electric start no kick lever no shift lever so I'm guessing it's an automatic. Oh great another engine This is the best picture I have right now it's dark and late right now
  10. Jersey 08903

    Tecumseh engine H50-65548S

    Fresh oil,fuel line,air filter, plug. 1 inch shaft. $100 or best offer sorry can't ship.
  11. Jersey 08903

    Tecumseh engine

    Where would you use this working engine?
  12. C

    Engine surges, black smoke

    I have a B&S on my push mower that runs poorly. I bought it at an auction for $2 because it wouldn't start. The ethanol gas from 3 years ago had gone bad. I cleaned the tank and carb, changed oil, and gave it a few pulls. It fired right up and ran ok. After a little mowing it began to surge and...
  13. Peekster

    Lifan 125cc Engine

    Looking for a 125cc lifan with clutch Or who's got the best deal on them
  14. C

    Engine needed

    Where can I find a vertical engine? Only got 8.5 inches horizontally at mounting plate.
  15. O

    Tecumseh Carburetors Lot

    Tecumseh Carburetors Lot. *SOLD*
  16. S

    WTB 2 Stroke Engine

    Looking to buy a 125 or 250 2 stroke engine with a gearbox. Let me know!
  17. electra_boogaloo

    WANTED charging coil, flywheel, impeller from original baja warrior engine

    As stated, i need a complete charging system from a baja warrior engine. i need the charging coils, the flywheel with the magnets and the shorter finned impeller to go on my predator 212 engine. i'm trying to do the mod that's in the video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-W0KM2FO_0
  18. danford1

    OHV engine carb adapter/restrictor

    I bought an OHV Briggs today. It was sitting for a couple years after it was removed from a tiller. The seller claimed it ran perfect. I took the carb off to clean it before I tried starting it and noticed it had a plastic adapter/restrictor between the carb and engine. The carb clearly has a...
  19. Sixpac440

    How to make my own silencer for a H50 Motorsports engine?

    I could buy a slip on but I would prefer to try to make my own for aesthetic and fitment reasons ... I will come off the motor with a flange to a 1" header pipe, swing the pipe down to the mounting plate and 90 degree bend it so it goes straight back to a silencer ... How do I make one...
  20. mlanzoni

    Predator engine in a 69 Rupp frame ??

    Hello all, has anyone ever put a 212 Predator engine in a 69 Rupp Frame ? How well does it fit, and what would I need to do for the throttle linkage ? I would like to run it using the Rupp original remote gas tank. Thank you in advance.:hammer: