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  1. cfrewilly

    Spark plug location 5 hp B/S flatheads

    Has anyone ever relocated the spark plug to a more centered location in the head? I have seen on other model B/S the plugs are in different locations in the head.
  2. R

    Difference between 5.5 and 5hp flatheads

    I picked this 5.5hp flat head today for $40..... its a good runner. I ran the numbers and it's a 1998, plain bearing block. Decal says cast iron sleeve. What is the difference between this and a normal 5hp? Is the bore and stroke the same? Camshaft? Carburetor difference perhaps?
  3. Mr.GhettoRig

    Briggs 5hp flatheads and misc parts

    Hey guys, need some extra space and pocket change to fuel my v8 s10 swap. '73 mildly modified briggs 5hp (Orange) kool bore, Shaved eyebrows/cleaned up ports/ solid gear crank, COMP GP9330 cam, Stock length ARC billet rod, billet lifters, ARC billet flywheel with +30 degree timing, Bored .10...
  4. Dr. Shop Teacher

    If these were only Briggs 5hp Flatheads....

    Saw this this morning--http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-Briggs-Stratton-3-5-hp-Short-Block-Cart-Mower-Motor-Piston-CrankShaft-/262435985635?hash=item3d1a6758e3:g:1nsAAOSwPc9Wu~iO
  5. dw1973

    Two 5hp Brigg flatheads with clutches

    Both have good compression and spark. As show. $45 each + ship from 49279.
  6. S

    difference between 4hp flatheads and 5hp flatheads?

    I've got a 4hp flathead, everything looks identical to a 5hp flathead on the outside, what are the differences with the internals? I'm looking to buy a billet rod and a different cam
  7. S

    flatheads forever t-shirt

    I saw some t-shirts on Ebay with a picture of a mini and the words "flatheads forever" underneath the picture. Like a dummy I didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it. Does anyone have a link to this? Failing that any other links to minibike t-shirts would be appreciated. many thanks, Sandy
  8. Grandadeo

    Flatheads Forever T-Shirt

    Years ago I had a "Flatheads Forever" T-shirt that has long since made it past the rag bag. The picture was a guy's head with a Briggs type Flathead looking flat top with a spark plug out the top. I think he was wearing red sunglasses. Sure would like to find another one. Any suggestions for...
  9. gasser

    Future of flatheads

    So what do you guys see in the future of flatheads. Think there are enough fans of the ole flatties to keep an aftermarket around or do you think they will die off soon? I really love the look and sound of a built flatty and would hate to see them go away.
  10. awkwardkitten

    Awesome guide to modding Briggs 5 hp flatheads

    Ok , so this is a guide I ripped off of DIY go-karts forum and I thought It would be some good info to post here. CREDITS TO oscaryu1 (from DIY gokarts) FOR WRITING THIS ENTIRE GUIDE! Cheap power: First of all, get out your dremel, and your little barrel like sand paper. 1) Port. Clean...