1. cudaman

    Looking for correct HF 6.5 Greyhound gaskets

    I ordered a set of gaskets for a greyhound HF 6.5 (about 7 year old blue clone greyhound) and found they didn't fit both the side crankcase (see pic) and valve cover (mine has 5 bolts (set for 200cc Honda clone has 4 bolts). The set I ordered was listed as a gasket set for the 196-212 cc engine...
  2. fhpe77

    H35 gaskets

    Hello all, So I have my year 2000 H35-45536Y engine running pretty good. The replacement adjustable carb makes it easy to tune. One of the things I like to do with an old flat head engine is to pull the head and valve cover off to inspect the cylinder wall, remove all carbon build-up, and...

    Printable gaskets???

    Is there anywhere where I might be able to print gaskets patterns for a Honda clone? I also have some blue gasket goo, will that work instead? I need the crankcase gasket the most. Thanks folks. Joe ETA: I also have some of the high temp stuff too.
  4. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H35 Gas Tank, Head, Bolts, Gaskets, etc., $45 Shipped

    * Black Tecumseh Gas tank, Very good shape. * Tecumseh H35 Head: Bead blasted, N' hot tanked. No cracks. Spark plug threads perfect. Very Slight chip on fin nearest spark plug hole. * Set of head bolts. * 3 NOS head Gaskets. * New NGK CS-1 Commercial spark plug *...
  5. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H35 Head, Bolts, Gaskets, etc........

    * Tecumseh H35 Head: Bead blasted, N' hot tanked. No cracks. Spark plug threads perfect. Slight chip :censure:on fin nearest spark plug hole. * Set of head bolts. * 3 NOS head Gaskets. * New NGK CS-1 Commercial spark plug * Motorsports blue, (Mallory) plug boot and...
  6. MB165

    Reproduction Tecumseh point cover gaskets for sale

    For sale, reproduction tecumseh breaker point cover gaskets. Heavy, high temp electrical grade fibroid paper. Two hole sizes available, specify when ordering. $5 each, shipped usps to US addresses from Balt. Md.. Paypal, bitcoin, cash, checks , money orders accepted.
  7. C

    Whats the silver sealent on some tecumseh head gaskets?

    I had a tecumseh engine with silver crap all over the head gasket and Im pretty sure it came like that from the factory but I cant find anything on google. I removed the head on a hsk50 and cleaned it all up and installed but I didnt torque it down hard enough.
  8. V

    196cc clone(s) carb problems?

    I recently traded a riding mower for two Baja Heats with 196cc clones on them. I'm entirely new to minibikes, but both bikes have issues running. So here are my questions. 1. Bike A only runs and starts with throttle, but accelerates and maintains top speed fine until I let off, it's missing...
  9. slam49

    gaskets and parts questions

    im getting ready to go thru my 5hp flathead. the goal is to remove govenor, install arc rod, maybe some new valve springs. thats it for now. in the future id like to keep going and do a cam, lifters, flywheel, etc, but for now i'm just keeping it simple and cheaper.. I am going to a float type...
  10. FloridaMiniBikes

    Various Tecumseh 7 & 8 HP Gaskets and New rings. (Hor & Vert).

    This stuff has been waiting for me to get an engine for it, and it ain't never gonna happen. Give it a good 3,600 rpm home, or its your turn to let it sit on a shelf. $20 bucks PayPal-Gift U.S.48 shipped.
  11. tbird

    DB30 Carb Gaskets and baffle

    Does anyone out there have a original DB30 motor that they are using for parts? I'm looking for the three carb gaskets and the thermal baffle that goes in between the carb and the engine. Here are pictures of them: Thermal Baffle Gasket in between carb and baffle Gasket in between...
  12. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H30 H35 Flywheel, Head, Manifold, Gaskets,

    1 H30 H35 Aluminum Flywheel, Great shape. Strong Magnets 1 H25 H30 H35 Throttle return spring 1 H35 Head. Bead Blasted, No Cracks. 2 NOS H35 Head Gaskets. 1 H30 H35 Intake Manifold. 2 NOS Intake/Exhaust Gaskets (note Breather gasket shown is for big block and not included) $40...
  13. old biker

    gas cap gaskets

    Does anyone know where to find the replacement gaskets for the fuel caps on the 1960s - 70s briggs motors. Or can you use newer caps?
  14. 125ccCrazy

    Clone intake and gaskets

    intake to fit 22mm Mikuni to a clone or Predator, 2 new headgaskets .010 and 1 new side cover gasket $25+ ship
  15. J

    which gaskets for H35?

    Ok im looking for a carb gasket set, needle and seat, engine gasket set. Ive seen a few of them on OldMiniBikes. model H35-45234F SERIAL 9175 03553
  16. Miniwood

    2.8 Doodlebug idle/run issues

    If your new or used doodlebug dosent idle or run. Try running it with the choke partially on. If it runs ok with the choke partially on here is what you need: Honda carburetor gaskets and insulator gaskets Pick:16212-ZG0-800, 16221-ZG0-801, 16269-ZG0-800 the top 3 gaskets. $5.40 $4.99...
  17. boston

    Copper Gaskets for Compression

    so my friend who races go peds and builds stupid fast motors that push 12k rpms:doah:, says that he uses copper gaskets which are half as thick as paper one for more compression, anyone ever try this on a clone with success? -boston
  18. woodstoockboi


    I need to, seems like i always do.. were can i get an insulator gasket for the 97cc carb and the other gaskets for it
  19. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh Valves and Gaskets

    I turned to the DarkSide a number of years ago, (Briggs), and have a couple of new old stock Tecumseh parts I would like to put on eBay. Problem is I don't want to list em till I know what engine thier for? They are: Tecumseh Exhaust Valves #26814 2.973 Long, .248 Stem, & .905 Head. 2ea...
  20. G

    Installing Gaskets

    Are new gaskets to be installed on a clean dry surface? The manual for the engine I am rebuilding (Techumseh HS40) doesn't give detailed gasket instruction and I'm asking this question just to be sure. I've seen a lot of products called "gasket sealer" or something of the sort, but my...