1. Biodude

    Early generation Rupp Tank?

    I didn't notice this until I looked at the 68 XL500 tank for sale on EBay. Is this an early generation Rupp tank? Every '68 tank I have seen has a triangular plate mounted on the bottom to which the mounting studs are attached. This on has no plate, so the studs are attached directly to the tank...
  2. P

    WTB Doodle Bug 1st generation

    Looking to buy local as a roller or with the little engine it comes with.
  3. manchester1

    Lil Indians second generation

    Picked these up from a member last week at Iron honky's gathering. They aren't really vintage but pretty cool. I think the engine is dated 2001. First I'm going to get them running pretty good and then I'm going to make them shine.:laugh: I call them my Lil Indian twins.:thumbsup:
  4. S

    Lil Indian Chopper 1st generation

    So from the picture I posted you guys tell me I have a rare lil indian outlaw chopper. How do I tell the year? 52468 Frame # Were do I find missing parts? chain guard, sissy bar, foot pedal covers, etc. What colors were available originally? Should the engine be painted White...
  5. B

    How to Find Out Which Generation of Predator 212 I Have?

    I am lookng nto moddng my Predator 212cc but a lot of websites have different parts for gen 1-3. I really just wanna start with a billet flywheel. How much does the generation matter for flywheels and how do I find out my gen? I still have the box
  6. Dragbikemini

    New Generation Predator Block, Crank and Flat Top

    Parted out new predator for head and some other things. For sale is block, crank, side cover, flywheel, rod and flat top piston. 60$ plus shipping. located at 10509. Will consider flat top and rod for 30$ plus shipping. Flat top and rod will fit all predators. Block is honda clone style and...