1. David wulf

    Bonanza repop chain guards

    I have five bonanza steel chain guards , copies of course . Made of 18 ga steel sheet and welded together . There are no mounting holes yet , but I can provide engine mounting brackets at an additional cost . Price 75.00 shipped
  2. CarPlayLB

    GEM clutch guards

    I have 2 GEM brand clutch guards. One is polished (Cheezy, that does not mean they are Polish!) and one is sanded as cast. The polished piece is $40 to you door and the other is $26.00 to your door, lower 48 only! These bolt to the standard patter common to our engines, Tec, Briggs, Predator...
  3. David wulf

    Bonanza repop chain guards for sale

    I have two bonanza chain guards for sale . Made of 14 gauge Steel , you can stand on it . These are copies that I made . 75.00 OBO buyer pays shipping .
  4. B

    Rupp Chain guards

    Does anyone know the original source for Rupp chain guards?? joel
  5. chain guards

    chain guards

  6. mini one

    Trail Horse Clutch/Chain Guards

    OK full disclosure: These need more work than I have time to give them to make them look better. They are wonky, have air holes and need sanding, filling, painting etc but can be made to look really nice, depends on how much time you want to mess with them. If you have an original clutch band...
  7. R

    Anyone have a rear rim and the stock chain guards?

    Hi all. Just picked up a db30 straight frame and the rear wheel has quite a bit of wobble to it. It's also missing the chain guards too which seem impossible to locate for the older model. Anyone have anything laying around??
  8. ogygopsis

    WTB: Briggs Flywheel Guards

    I'm looking for two flywheel guards for my 3hp Briggs & Stratton 80202 series motors. PM me if you have any lying around. Thank you, Ogy
  9. M

    F/S Pair of Chain Guards

    Two chain guards, great shape. $20.00 shipped to ConUS.
  10. B

    Bolt size for chain guards

    HELP I tired a 1/4 x20 but they do not fitIt's a DB30 Can they be metric? The chain guard fell off but I found it but not the bolts.
  11. dw1973

    Heald VT2 jackshaft and guards wanted

    Looking for good complete jackshaft and both metal guards for a Heald VT2. Will pay shipping to 49235. Dave at
  12. thejoker

    cat clutch guards

    Do you think that a billet cat aluminum clutch guard is worth 100 dollars and so would you buy? The star's were a no go because I am just not willing to risk that much money on a chance .
  13. markus

    rock guards wanted

    I just picked upa REED rock guard off ebay and would not mind finding another :thumbsup: Heres what it looks like, just sitting loose on one of the bikes: Part number is kinda buggered on the original card last numbers are 416 fits 2 bolt tilly's etc.. Horstman also made one I...
  14. M

    2 rupp chain guards needed

  15. bikebudy

    reproduction fiberglass clutch guards for rupp

    Posted By: Chip Time Posted: 2013-11-18 Location: Terryville, CT Email: Phone: 860-965-2379 New reproduction fiberglass clutch guards for rupp mini bikes. $30 ea. Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  16. Stangrcr1

    Switch plate and guards for VT-7

    Looking for a switchplate, clutch and chain guards for a VT-7. Looking for the old style sheetmetal guards. If anyone can give me the dimensions, I can make them. Any help is appreciated.
  17. M

    chain guards clutch cover

    3 of the old chain deflectors clutch guards i was making . they use the top 2 bolts of the crank case to mount . they work on any briggs from 1 hp to 3.5 . $12 each shipped or $20 shipped for all 3 . money order or checks payment
  18. R

    Chain Guards

    I made a chain guard for my bike, while I was at it I made two extra one to help out the community. They fit over my greased lightning just fine. They are water jet from .090" 3003 Alum. All TIG welded and the surface is lightly sanded/bead blasted. They look good. I have fine thread...
  19. J

    Lil Indian Chain guards

    Hello, Up for sale..(2) early style Lil Indian chain guards. Used on the Briggs & stratton bikes. On the grand Series in 1968 & on all Century and Grand Series in 1969. Again Briggs & Stratton Engines. Both need hammer and dolly work to either flatten or straighten them out. The red one has 1...
  20. MiniBikeTodd

    Chain Guards

    I am looking for chain guards, especially little indians, Ruttmans, Rupps, Cat's and other nice chain guards!!! These seem to be the first to get chucked back in the day, and now a days for me one of the most important, but most missing part!!!!! You guys gotta have a couple kickin around...