1. Harley Davidson Tribute beginning

    Harley Davidson Tribute beginning

    This is the beginning.
  2. R

    1972 Harley Davidson Mini bike Survivor

    Just found this 13 Hours to end of Auction Harley Davidson Other | eBay
  3. J

    amf harley x90

    I'm thinking of selling off my harley x90's I have I have two of them. First one runs and rides good second one has compression I have it tore apart to start blasting, painting and restoring. I have a bunch of extra parts seat pan, brand new ignition and lighting coils, primary coil, extra wire...
  4. M

    Harley x90

    I have a 1974 Harley x90 (no title) does not run... $350 I live south of Chicago.
  5. markus

    Pirelli NOS 3.00x10" MT74 tires harley, benelli, speedway, others

    NOS and still in the factory wraps from Pirelli 3.00 x 10" MT74 tread tires, these were factory tires for a few of the Benelli mini cyles as well as a few other italian bikes such as the Premier/moto beta. also an option for the Harley shortsters and X90's, speedway also used a tire with the...
  6. Ding Ding

    "HD" mini bike frames

    Heavy Duty? Harley Davidson? Hot Dog? HD mini bike frames
  7. E

    dont know what

    I ran across a couple of minibikes today. Picked them up at a good price. don't know what this one is. Absolutely no names or style on it that I can find. I have a few pictures so maybe someone can I.D. it for me. It looks like a small Harley Fatboy. Thanks
  8. Ajf

    Speedometer drive harley shortster or 10" wheel

    I need a speedometer drive from a Harley davidson x90 shortster or any drive from a 10" wheel bike. It's the piece that mounts to the wheel axle. Let me know what you have.
  9. Tiki_Todd

    1960's Harley aermacchi m50 parts/project $75 York, PA

    Hey Guys, I have this ugly 50cc harley m50, well its more of a bunch of parts. the engine spins nice and the piston rings and cylinder look nice! the rest of the parts, frame, seat frame, both wheels with break hubs, and some other parts. M50's are a lot easier to find NOS parts then the m65...
  10. chipper

    Rare Harley Davidson mini bike

    Guys I don't know how to post a C.L. link but this one is close to Buckeye , Gulfport Mississippi , search mini bike and wait till you see the 'RARE" Harley , WTH ???:laugh:
  11. FloridaMiniBikes

    "Build Off Alert 2" Mini Bike Gas Tank out of Custom Harley Oil Tank?!!!

    Custom Harley Oil Tank I was gonna use for a Mini Bike gas tank. $45 shipped U.S. 48. Weighs about 10 Lbs. L=9 1/2 W=4 1/2 Comes with BLACK heavy screw in cap, shown. 3 outlets on the bottom, rust free since it only had oil in it. Light Hi-Temp Black Krinkle paint, If you want another coat...
  12. trinik7597

    harley tank

    i know its not for a mini bike :thumbsup: but it might look real nice on a chopper project or a bigger bike like a baja :shrug: $45.00 shipped
  13. Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson

    Vintage Single cylinder Harley Davidson
  14. J

    Harley Topper Scooter

    This scooter is too cool!:thumbsup: RUNNING 1963 Harley Davidson's TOPPER SCOOTER MOPED 3285 MILES
  15. M

    Harley Rapido

    Looking for some Dellorto parts. Float bowl cap and all parts attached to it.
  16. W

    WTB: Harley X90 Carb Dellorto SH2/20

    I am trying to get a Harley X90 up and running for my son, and I am needing some parts for my X90 Carb. I really just need to the throttle slide, but it is discontinuted. So I guess I will focus my search for a new carb insted. If anyone has one that would work....I don't care if it is the...
  17. frame modifications

    frame modifications

    frame modifications
  18. frame modifications

    frame modifications

    frame modifications
  19. Harley Davidson 11F single

    Harley Davidson 11F single

  20. V

    Motorized bicycle build

    So I'm starting a motorized bicycle build. Yes.. Yes.. yes I know it's not a mini bike, and you could get all technical and pull out your mini bike identification books and demand this to be removed. But I want to post it here anyways. So I'm going to sum it up here. - Going to use an...