1. Maico


    1977 xr75 with xr100 motor with big bore kit, cr125 forks,al. Swing arm, and a sweet snake pipe. It can really roost
  2. S

    pepboys mini harley find

    I found a pepboys mini harley for sale let me know if you think it is a good deal. the frame has been stretched for a larger motor and it comes with a 3.5 engine not a briggs but one similar to it
  3. M

    Harley mini? What is it?

    My neighbor up the street left this out with the trash, i don't know whether to take it or not? I have absolutely no idea about bikes or mini bikes. Here it is Engine code is 1P39FMD https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w1kvgzzpqppt7d2/6s29sNvuPK What do you guys think?
  4. W

    Harley X90 manufacture date

    I've got a couple 1974 X-90's that have lost the stickers on the neck, the silver manufacturing sticker. I'm trying to get the date correct for the repop stickers, but I don't know the correct date for my serial number. Can anyone with original stickers let me know the manufacture date vs...
  5. Inventorpardue

    Buell X1 Lightning

    In the thread about Kohler and Briggs V-twin performance I mentioned having a tube-frame Buell X1 Lightning, so here is a thread about this unique American machine. If you know about Buell, skip this paragraph. Erik Buell today owns EBR, Erik Buell Racing. In the 90's he owned Buell...
  6. David wulf

    Looking for harley davidson x90

    Wanting a harley X90 , prefer it be fully restored or in original perfect condition . The better it is the less i have to do .
  7. nigel

    71 harley shortster

    just got it a few days ago, its a 4 speed i think, an street legal! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk - now Free
  8. FloridaMiniBikes


    Came off a Harley Z-90 Aermacchi with 900 miles/Garaged. Same engine as the X-90. I've been told, the Harley X-90 uses the SH2/20 and SH2/24 carb. As shown, Nice shape. $100 shipped, Priority insured, Lower 48. U.S. Postal money order, so I can cash your money order and ship at the same time...
  9. D

    Harley X-90 Restore Question

    I'm about to start the complete restore of my X-90. I'm new to the X-90 but I have a couple of quick questions. So you know my intentions, my plan is a complete bike that is fully restored and functioning as original but it has seen the last of it's outside trail days and will spend the rest...
  10. J

    For you Harley guys

    Harley Davidson 65cc Shortster Minibike
  11. SimpleTom

    1962 Briggs and Stratton Harley Davidson edition miniibike Very Rare !!

    :facepalm: Briggs Straton Harley Davidson Mini Bike 1962 | eBay
  12. R

    1973 Harley Davidson X90

    This is an AMF Harley Davidson X90 mini bike. 90cc. (was said to go 55mph) I was restoring this bike (about 98% done) and then got laid off, so I need the money. The bike is not running at the moment. The engine was freshly rebuilt, the whole bike was striped and re assembled with new parts or...
  13. A

    Mini Harley weed whacker to predator conversion

    Wanted a tinkering/learning project so I decided to give my mini Harley a little oomph! Wow she was a tight fit! Just did a test drive today and when you're on it it rattles the eyeballs! First post here! Great site guys!
  14. P

    FOR SALE. ONE OF A KIND Military Harley look alike mini bike

    :thumbsup:i have for sale this " full size" mini bike. it is a custom built , ane looks like an antique military Harley. It is freshly made but needs to be completed. It comes with all it need to make it run. Needs few hours of work to assemble. It as brand new tires, seat, 7hp 208cc Honda...
  15. mini choppers

    mini choppers

    This was kept stock also.
  16. mini choppers

    mini choppers

    This restoration Is a baja mb 165, 196 cc . Keeping the Harley theme going on !
  17. mini choppers

    mini choppers

    Harley theme.
  18. mini choppers

    mini choppers

    Restored 49 cc. Two stroke. all stock.
  19. roccosbike

    Harley Shortster?

    65cc Harley Shortster Real Deal Mini Bike
  20. jujupope

    Harley headlight on Baja MB 200 question

    I think the head light on the MB200 is to big, looks like a train locamotive light. I got a stock head light off Harley super glide. I think it looks better. My question is will the Harley light work (12v.) on the MB165/200? Does the 6.5 clone generate 12v.?:shrug: Thanks for any and all...