1. N

    Mini bike identification

    I’m trying to fix a Clinton engine mini bike and it needs a new carburetor bowl. Any identification or model would be great. It doesn’t have an ID plate; the only Identification I found on it was the middle picture. When these pictures were taken, I already took off the pull start and the gas tank.
  2. D

    Lil Indian or Rupp identification

    Hi this is my first post on this forum. I am trying to identify my mini bike. When I bought it a couple years ago it was advertised to me as a Lil Indian and it has a Lil Indian sticker but I noticed the tires it has are Rupp. I was wondering if any of you more knowledgeable individuals could...
  3. drstoez

    Chinese identification

    I know it's cheap Chinese crap, but I can't find any specs/tech info on my recently acquired "parts" bike. Has a prominent A on frame gusset and tail. 4 stroke, semi auto, hydraulic front brakes. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  4. B

    Bought at auction, no identification of make or model. Any ideas?

    Hello, we bought this at an auction and cant find any make or model identification. Any thoughts on what this is? Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. S

    Rupp Speedway identification

    need help figuring out what year and make speedway this is. note foot operated brake as well as hand lever. mismatched front and rear rim, what kind of gas tank goes on this. any help would be appreciated.
  6. A

    mini bike identification?

    hey guys, anyone have any information about this mini bike? the briggs & Stratton engine model number is 80102 0141 02 6611043 and it has a sticker on the motor stating built for amf. it's a runner.
  7. AboveUpNorth

    One more for identification

    What is it?
  8. D

    Honda Z50 Year Identification

    Hello, I need some help figuring out what year these two z50s are. The identification numbers are z50A-223900 and z50A-311122. I appreciate any help! Thank you!
  9. R

    Tote Gote 600? And B&S Motor Identification?

    Greetings! I believe that I have a Tote Gote 600. My grandpa bought it in Utah in the late 60's (?). It looks like it has been repainted and I can't find any serial number or model number on the frame. I'm trying to identify the motor. I had it running last year but the recoil mechanism broke...
  10. AboveUpNorth

    Cushman scooter? Need help with identification please

    Ran across this for sale locally and I'm not certain what it is. Hopefully someone here can help me out on a brand and model.
  11. H

    Mini Bike Identification

    Hey Guys, Can you help me identify what brand Mini Bike that i may possibly have ? Thank you
  12. myjunk

    Rupp identification question

    Does the sticker Rupp applied under the seat tell anything, ie make , model, year etc, or is it strictly the serial number? Thanks
  13. D

    Engine identification help

    Okay So I have this old engine I just picked up, and I am bit confused. I know its a McCulloch 2 stroke. It says MK10 on the stamp, but when searching I can not find anything. Only thing coming up if for the MC10. Not sure of they are similar in parts or what. Im just trying to find more info...
  14. B

    Engine identification help please. Appreciate any help possible.

    Engine identification help please. Can you possibly identify these 2 separate engine numbers for me? 1) HS40 55276B Ser#9345 12165 2) HS40 55276B Ser#0232 02201 Greatly appreciate any help possible. Thank You. Greg
  15. P

    Help! Vintage mini bike frame identification

    Hey everyone, new to the mini bike scene but own a handful of motorcycles. been looking to get into an older chopper style mini bike but havnt found much for sale. did come across this locally and thought it might be a good start. I have looked all over the net at pictures but cant seem to...
  16. theredlineboss

    Frame identification

    I picked up this frame yesterday & just was curious what it is. It kind of looks like a bonanza, but I can't really match it to any particular model, so it's possibly something else. -Rob
  17. gammatg

    Seat identification?

    This style seat came with the flexo/chopper I picked up. Is it an aftermarket piece? I took the pick from an eBay add, but it had no mention of what it was on. Same exact seat. Thanks.
  18. 1

    Engine identification for performance parts help!

    I havent touched my mini bikes for a few years until recently, now getting back into it and looking at all the sites for performance parts i see parts for the predator 212cc hemi and non hemi. I did the 6.5 swap on my db30 probably almost 6 years ago now, my engine is the blue one from harbor...
  19. S

    Engine Identification

    Have a mini bike with an engine #148 784132 SER 8187B. I think this is a Tecumseh, possibly craftsman. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
  20. bowhunt4life

    Gilson Identification

    I picked up a Gilson minibike today that is the spitting image of an Allis Chalmers Trail bike. I am missing the kick stand but am trying to figure out what model Gilson I have. I'll try to post some pics but any help would be appreciated.