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    Front axle fabrication
  2. Phil1958

    lathe fun

    i went to local metal supply house to pick up some stock to putz around with on the lathe. a few projects needed small parts so here is what i did: 1 - picked up 12' of 3/8" hot rolled hex stock because i needed to make a throttle cable clamp and a cable guide for my Winber Ride. last year...
  3. ZR9B

    Lathe skills

    This is kinda cool...

    Coolest thing I've ever done on a lathe

    A friend of mine has a small HF combo mill lathe machine. He uses it at his work for odd jobs. The other day he called asking for help, the brass bush that engages onto the feed screw of his machine had stripped from years of use. " I know years of use :laugh: , but its true 5 years old" All the...
  5. Sunset5523

    Need lathe work.

    Can anyone help me take off 0.99mm off a pipe ? Please let me know Thank you.
  6. D

    Allen metal lathe posting

    Trying to find pictures and posters site for this lathe. I believe part of his name was Fatguy, sorry if it's wrong, I got diverted by a bad keystroke and couldn't find it again. He said they were built in the 20's by Allen Electric and Machine in Kallamazzo Michigan. I have the exact same one...
  7. lathe


  8. oldrelics

    Who wants to lathe me up a couple of pulleys?

    I need two custom V-belt pulleys cut out alum or mild steel. one - triple belt 2" OD 5/8" keyed ID one - triple belt 3" OD 5/8" keyed ID pm me if interested...
  9. roccosbike

    I need Lathe work done.

    I know some of you are machinists, I have an HS40 crank in need of some work.I will pay shipping both ways and pay you for your services.If you can help me out LMK Thanks. Rocco...
  10. Oldsalt


    The pictured lathe, before and after some clean-up, is a Cincinnati 15 inch. It is in excellent shape. Came with 3 jaw, 4 jaw, steady rest, face plate, ball bearing center, quick change tooling and lantern tool post, taper attachment and a lot of other goodies. It is 3 phase electrical but I...
  11. 70sVintageTrikes

    Yellowhand Lathe

    Well Guys, I bought the late Yellowhands Lathe.. Im honestly a beginner:confused: Im slowing teaching myself and remembering some stuff Mark taught me on this very lathe from a few trips I made over to his house for him to help me. I doubt I will ever be able to make the cool stuff he did...
  12. bigrob

    Mini Lathe

    Well I had a little christmas cash left (hard to believe) so I went into princess auto to look around and ended up buying a lathe. I have allways wanted one but never got around to buying one until now. It is a 2 speed 3" chuck 7" swing 12" bed it is probley the same as the harbour freight...
  13. oldfatguy

    how not to use a lathe

    YouTube - I fought the Lathe and the lathe won any bets that he tries to sue
  14. Truckasaurus44

    Need someone w/ a lathe

    I'm trying to put some standard 6" wheels on a broncco that uses metric hardware. What I need is a reduced that allows me to run 5/8" bearings on 12mm axles. This way I can use normal tires and not burn up my rare 7" perellis. I can make up some drawings of what I need. Can anyone make this...
  15. chatten63

    harbor freight lathe,good or bad

    thinking of purchasing a small mini metal lathe ,need your opinion on the harbor freight lathe or others out there:shrug:
  16. oldfatguy

    can you turn wood in a metal lathe ?

    making rollers for a reel mower pictures by oldfatguy - Photobucket yes you can. I made some new wood rollers for an old reel mower it worked out great but made a mess to clean up
  17. Peekster

    Picked up a lathe

    Picked up a atlas (craftsman ) lathe , it came with alot of tooling and a mill attachment.I need a chuck for it so if any out there let me know. Thanks
  18. S

    engine mods? mill and lathe

    if you owned a mill and lathe, what mods could you do to your engine for more performance. I have a lathe now, and access to a mill while I look for one of my own.