1. S

    lifan clone 6.5 with mods

    hello, I have a lifan clone 6.5 with the followings modifications, -alumium flywheel with 4 degree -18lbs valve springs -14cc stock head -governor removal -gx140 emulson tube -90 main jet -uni filter -header with muffler The motor does run but die when I let go of the throttle and there some...
  2. S

    nr-racing blue Lifan clone 6.5

    Hello, I have questions regarding my order of a blue clone Lifan 6.5 from nr-racing. The blue clone came with air fillter and muffler, but no gas tank. The motor look like it has a governor but no low oil sensor. On the engine I was able to get the following number ACL65.196168, my question...
  3. G

    going to be getting a lifan 125cc engine

    ok so im going to be getting a 125cc lifan with a 4 up manual tranny. what mods can i do to it? im also going to be getting a 22mm carb as its what money permits. so what all mods can i do to make it better? i already know about the bbk. dont have money for that and im going to wait a bit for...
  4. I

    Lifan 420cc

    Anyone know if the gx390 parts fit the Lifan 420? I know the bore and stroke is different but do parts like cam, flywheel, valve springs, and rod fit?
  5. oldrelics

    Where do you buy Lifan 2.5hp engines?

    Where do you buy Lifan 2.5 hp engines?
  6. A

    Lifan carb for 6.5 hp motor

    Im in need of a carb for a lifan 6.5 hp engine.
  7. Rclinetx

    Lifan 6.5 Sound check What do ya think?
  8. B

    stock exhaust on lifan 125cc??

    i'm not on here very much, but i figure for a question regarding my mini pit z50r i should come here to ask my question. I've got a 1979 Z50R with a lifan 125cc in it. I have an aftermarket exhaust on it right now that i got from ebay for cheap and just customized it to fit. I like the...
  9. texasfabguy

    heads up on Lifan 6.5's

    LIFAN 6.5 engines at The Home Depot for $139.00 W/free shipping. Better quality than the HF Predator. they also have 15hp 420cc for $249.00
  10. Peekster

    Whos got the best price Lifan 125cc

    Who,s got the best price on the lifan 125 and how good are the engines.Thanks
  11. jim_himself

    My 125cc lifan doodlebug

    Hello, for the last few weeks I've been working on putting a 125cc lifan in my doodlebug. All that separates me from completion is a clutch lever, some #420 chain, and the exhaust, all of which are in the mail. I started it for the first time today and man is it loud. The whole bike is kinda...
  12. K

    Any info on the Lifan 15hp?

    Gonna start a build soon and this motor seems like a good deal. Anyone used one before? Thanks for the help
  13. S

    MB 165 w/ Lifan 110cc Swap!!

    I'm quite new to this forum....therefor I haven't really taken progress pics of my process as I went along, I wish I did though. I picked up this Mini Baja from a guy last summer..the motor was a bit weak and was breathing it's last breath. Lucky for me I happened to have a near new Lifan...
  14. R

    Lifan, Harbor Freight Greyhound, Northern Iron Horse, Jiangdong, etc.

    I'm new to the whole clone thing. I understand the Chinese basically stole Honda's design for the 5.5 and 6.5 engines. I think Honda has even tried to sue, though unsuccessfully. I also see that both engines are sold under at least a half dozen names. Lifan, Greyhound from Harbor Freight...
  15. S

    Lifan facts as last updated 2006

    I thought I would share some facts I learned about the company that makes our HF clones and some box stock engines: Lifan was founded by Yin Mingshan in 1992 as a local Choungquing motorcycle repair shop with a staff of nine. As of 2006 update Lifan employed approximately 9,000 people and had an...
  16. B

    2.5 Lifan Engine For Sale ...!!!

    I Have a Doodle Bug Engine that hasn't been run but a cpl time then removed from the Mini Bike and Replaced with a 5 HP Briggs Engine....engine is complete with clutch, wiring, EVERYTHING........ Not sure what it's worth but anyone who want's it make me a FAIR OFFER!!! This doesn't include...
  17. Fat Boy

    My Coleman with a 125cc Lifan

    Hi I am new member , I read a lot here but have not wrote in much before so I thought I would introduce myself and show one of my latest projects . I am a minibike collector and builder and I seen the other day someone mentioned the Lifan engine swap for a mini bike so I thought I...
  18. NewAge

    Lifan 125 shifter engine swap

    Has anyone considered using one of these lifan shifter engines for a minibike swap out. ebay has lot's of these engines available for around $300. I see on the taco and bonanza sites that they want big money for hodaka 100 swapped bikes. wuddayathink
  19. John ONeal

    2.8 Lifan

    Looking for a 2.8 Lifan engine stock ( New or Good condition used)
  20. jreed1337

    GX160 vs. Lifan or any 6.5?

    Hi guys. I currently don't have a running minibike, but have had a lot of recent experience with them. (Year or so) One of our friends bikes is a simple Lil indian style bike that goes 46 mph with a 150lb rider on it. It has a 5.5hp honda GX160. With an upgrade to a 6.5 horse motor...