1. stingrayraleigh


    Does anyone know what this is? A friend owns it
  2. Aston jag

    Minibike Cover

    Does anyone know where to get a cover for an old school size minibike? Everything in my shop, if not covered, gets dusty and grimy in a hurry.

    Its not a Minibike BUT...

    Wouldn't this be an interesting Cruzer/Minibike hauler??? How many bikes and riders would it haul not to mention all the gear you could put on the roof.... Stageway Airport Coach: $1K OBO 1950 Chevrolet Bel Air | Bring a Trailer I can dig it. Doug
  4. Li'l Popeye

    Dutch minibike build.

    Hello, My name is John, born in 1976 and living in Netherlands. Small country in Europe where "your minibikes" are very rare. Ok, we do spot a small Honda once in a while. And those Chinese pocketbikes you get when you do grocery shopping;-) I have a Chinese pocketbike, too. And when it broke...
  5. Rupp 72

    Tecumseh H50 minibike engine!

    Looking for a Tecumseh H50 with the minibike linkage. I don't need it to be lighted as i have spare lighted flywheels and coils. Hovever if it is lighted that is okay. 1967, 68, or 69 date code would be awesome but it isn't a huge deal. Thanks Nate.
  6. T

    old fat rear tire minibike

    hello all, i remember sometime in the 70's a kid had a green minibike with a wide rear tire was there a company that made them ?? just curious thanks bobby
  7. T-Town Mini

    Electric Minibike

    Some new manufactures are making electric retro looking minibikes. They may look cool and they've got a few good ideas but, the price is stupid expensive for what you get. Take a look at some of the others that pop-up in the youtube recommendations...
  8. B

    briggs and stratton model N

    recently picked this up. I really wanted to see if anyone has any reliable links on researching what it is, how it works.. i mean, its a motor so its the same platform (gas-air/spark/exhaust) but i wanted to know how the carb mixes air. how the exhaust is mounted into the head. how the...
  9. T

    1968 3 hp off my taco minibike

    hello all, i am looking for a carb for a 1968 briggs&stratton the motor is on my taco minibike any help would be great thanks bobby
  10. T

    Lil Indian minibike rebuild

    Does anyone have a picture of the kickstand used and how mounted on a old Lil Indian minibike?
  11. K

    speedway superstar minibike

    i have and 1970 superstar that is in real nice shape runs like new all parts on it are correct could anyone tell me more about it. i bought from the man that got it new.ATTACH=CONFIG]97837[/ATTACH][

    What and where tubing discussion for minibike frames

    I am new to fabricating mini frames but I'm going to do it what kind and size of tubes should I buy to make a large frame mini and is there a good online source?
  13. L

    Need help identifying minibike I recently acquired.

    Hi everyone! I recently acquired this minibike and I cant seem to figure out what make/model it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know that the engine is a Honda GX160. I got a new coil for it and was able to get it to run but I cant seem to figure out who made the bike.

    Minibike build off 2018

    I would like to build a vintage chopper I forget what brand the frame is powered by a 2 stroke Villiers . is anyone else making plans?
  15. M

    Who made my minibike?

    Hi, I'm new to this site. Had been interested in finding a minibike to play around with for a while and randomly came across one in the back of a guys lot when I was looking at an old truck. Picked it up for a steal and want to clean it up and get it running, but I have no idea who made it or...

    sear wish book minibike 1969

    they aren't just for the kid in the gay pajamas sears wish book 1969 funny :thumbsup:
  17. Possom point

    New Coleman minibike????

    Saw this at a local tractor supply.... haven't seen this one before. Is it a new model or an older one? .
  18. Hemibrad

    Minibike Show and Swap Meet in NJ Sept 10, 2017

    There will be minibike show in New Jersey Sunday September 10th 2017 this show will be in cooperation with the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton benefit card truck and motorcycle show. We will have our own separate area within the show. The Minibike show and swap meet will be in a covered area...
  19. S

    Micro lil indian/taco style minibike build, from the UK

    So after watching alot of youtube videos i came across a guy from texas? Who has buolt a numner of minibikes from scratch, one includes a micro tom tumb style lil indian/taco style bike. I contacted the guy and he sent me some messurments wich was very kind of him to do so. So here is...
  20. S

    Micro lil indian/taco style minibike build, from the UK