1. My minibike frame

    My minibike frame

    my minibike mini bike cat
  2. My Cat

    My Cat

    my minibike mini bike cat
  3. My Cat

    My Cat

    my minibike mini bike cat
  4. Hemibrad

    What brand Minibike.

    A good friend /vendor at Englishtown brought this mini for me knowing that I collect/restore. I was wondering if anyone knew what brand it was. It says grand prix on the front fork plate. It has a scrub brake added. It has a nice running vintage Clinton motor. Which looks original. Maybe a...
  5. danford1

    Help moving a minibike from Central Pennsylvania to Michigan

    I live in White Lake Michigan about an hour north of Toledo Ohio. There is a minibike in central Pennsylvania (Freeburg) that I bought. Is there anyone traveling this direction in the next few days? I could meet them somewhere if needed. Let me know. Thanks Danford1
  6. cambo61

    FS Burnishing for minibike parts (pics)

    Folks. I've been a forum member since 2010 and have been involved in vintage karting since 2002. About 3 years ago I bought an ALMCO V3 to help the community with restoration or modification of surface finishes. I own 2 minibikes, my prized 1947 Cushman, as well as 10 vintage karts...
  7. chopperbunch

    Michigan town wants nothing to do with minibike scene...

    Mini bike shop is leaving Taylor, Michigan, as the poster of this CL ad claims the town will not renew his business license. This is especially interesting considering the new OMB location poll. I wonder where this business will move. Can one city handle two mini bike operations...
  8. E

    Coleman Minibike GX200 Build

    Hello, I have a Coleman mini bike with a gx200, and I'm looking to take it to the next step. What I have: -Intake, Exhaust, & Carb re-jet -Billet Flywheel with 8 Degree Advance -18lb Valve Springs -Stock Governor I just ordered a 14cc head for the thing, but I would also like to run...

    blur the line Tractor / Minibike

    it is my intent to design a mini that will serve as a work horse I have made a 3 wheeled mini by adding 2 large trencher tires on either side of a heathkit Boonie bike but we all know the problems with trikes and uneven ground it will point you down hill in a hurry. then I saw rokons these...
  10. Rupp 72

    What is this minibike seat from?

    Looks like an original seat. Glitter top and heat pleated. It's in almost perfect shape. Is this an original vintage seat? Any idea what it might be off of?
  11. Roadsterpu

    Help Identify this small Minibike.

    Can anyone tell me what this is? It looks home made or at least a modified frame to be smaller.
  12. E

    help on minibike please

    Hi! i have a 212cc predator mini bike with a mikuni carb and its very hard to start. when i get it started it just wants to take off. Can you guys plz help. thank you
  13. T

    Bonanza BC1200 Minibike - $1995

    1960's Bonanza BC1200 Minibike for sale Complete restoration with new Predator 212cc 6.5hp motor. New everything to include tires, tubes, bearings, controls, jack shafts, sprockets, chains, front fork bellows rubber, seat, re-finished wheels, correct paint and hardware. You wont find nicer...
  14. T

    Bonanza Hodaka BC1300SH Minibike -- Refurbished - $3900

    Complete restoration with correct E code Hodaka Ace 100 motor. Motor has fresh re-bore, new piston and rings. New everything to include tires, tubes, bearings, controls, jack shafts, sprockets, chains, front fork bellows rubber, seat, re-finished wheels, correct paint and hardware. New...
  15. R

    Minibike wanted in N.J.

    Hello everybody. This appears to be a great site, looking over a few of the photos reminds me of my youth. I'm here looking to buy a minibike for my twin 13 year old sons. I would like to see if they develop a interest in minibikes - motorcycles as I did. I'm in central New Jersey and i just...
  16. Studeman68

    "i got a minibike frame"

    Hurry... Better call DEE before he moves on....LOL
  17. diggers

    Minibike Like the seat :laugh:
  18. T

    In UK - 68/69 Aley Minibike

    Hi folks. For sale in UK - Aley Chimp Go-Bike. 1968/69. The frame (now powder coated), forks and handlebars are all original. Front & rear wheels are adapted kart components, as is the rear hub and drive set-up. The brake is an OMBW clutch thing. The rest is generic eBay type stuff. The...
  19. 125ccCrazy

    600 hp minibike

    wholly mackerel !!!!
  20. B

    2 Rupp MiniBikes for sale in North Carolina

    Rupp Spirit Minibike for sale in Reidsville NC, which is close to Greensboro NC for $350.00. See link below. Same person I believe is selling a Rupp Scrambler for $450.00. See Link Below...