1. Power-Dyne chopper

    Power-Dyne chopper

    Thanks to NorthEastMetal for the roller...and Thanks to Javelin-73 for dropping it off.
  2. KustomKartKid

    Powerdyne "GALAXIE" Decals

    ...ok, I'm talking to Minibike Wee about printing some of the Powerdyne "Galaxie" foil decals. Apparently these were used on several different model bikes and in different locations (fork plate, side cover ). 1st....does anybody have a nice original example they could scan in or take a...
  3. D


    Well I called on a powerdyne chopper today, and all I got was a answering machine. it is complete, I hope they call back with a reasonible price on it. it is a long drive but I would like to have it.
  4. KustomKartKid

    Powerdyne power-dyne rail chopper

    Picked up this Powerdyne "Rail" a few months ago here in NJ. I probably paid too much for it ($275) , but I really like the stance of this little chopper and I avoided the $150 shipping fee since it was right down the road. My son and I are starting the resto and I thought I'd post up some...
  5. Powerdyne chopper

    Powerdyne chopper

    Just picked this up on a trade
  6. Powerdyne