1. SimpleTom

    Powerdyne Cougar made cooler

    Here's a Powerdyne Cougar I bought last year.
  2. derekbmn

    Powerdyne Mothers Day Find

    Powerdyne Falcon Needs some work, but is mostly all there. Dig the Powerdyne's :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  3. Not so mini bike

    Powerdyne rail chopper

    Powerdyne rail chopper. Correct wheels and disk brake. Has custom seat. 6hp tec runs great. $350. No shipping. Can deliver to winber if paid in full
  4. markus

    Powerdyne (maybe???) sprocket

    One of those wear parts that you just don't see all that much, If it is a Powerdyne the price is right to have as a spare! Vintage Drive Sprocket 35 Chain 72 Tooth Mini Bike Go Kart Quarter Midget | eBay
  5. jeep4me

    Powerdyne Rail Chopper Seat

    Nice recovered seat for a Powerdyne Rail chopper. Great looking old school colors. Asking $70 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  6. vwfan79

    1970 Powerdyne Cougar

    I'm listing in this section due to listing as a complete or roller. Chrome on fenders is nonexistent but the rest of the bike is decent. Tank is good and has no leaks, I cleaned inside and sealed with red kote just to give it a fresh interior. Bike has dura DOT street tires that are in good...
  7. KustomKartKid

    Vintage NINCO 5.30 x 6 Tire Powerdyne ?

    I've had this tire up in the rack for a while...big tire like the NOS Generals I sold, approx 14" diameter will fill out that fender well nicely. I think these were OEM on some early bikes...I wanna say I took this off the back of a Powerdyne Rail chopper but I'm not sure it was years ago. I...
  8. jeep4me

    Powerdyne Rail Chopper

    Mostly complete Powerdyne Rail for sale. Has a 4hp tecunder on it, not currently running, but it will run. New tires and tubes. Has band brake assembly for the clutch. Needs clutch, cables, brake handle. Front forks have a slight twist in them but not too bad. Asking $250 or best offer, cash...
  9. M

    PowerDyne Falcon Mini Bike, 1971

    PowerDyne Falcon mini bike from 1971. Mini bike is in very good condition with original motor and kick starter. Runs and drives great. Its all there. Comes with original instruction/parts folder. $600.00 cash or consider trades for 60's Bug go kart or similar.
  10. markus

    Powerdyne Galaxy frame

    Nothing special to look at but its not gone. Powerdyne galaxy, frame is straight and solid. I had the lowers off the forks and sissy bar just to degreased and make sure they functioned etc. footpeg bar need replaced or modified on the ends (I would weld folding pegs on there). I cut all the...
  11. T

    Powerdyne rail chopper

    Here is another chopper I found, The original paint under the black is yellow. Its actually in pretty good condition. Missing rear fender though.
  12. Iron Honky

    Powerdyne chopper

    My buddy Sisco wants to sell his powerdyne chopper with a 6hp tec and brand new clutch. Everything is there except the brake caliper and lever setup, he is asking $350 with the tec or $225 as a roller. Sorry no shipping :crying:
  13. 6.5hp Shinebox

    1970s PowerDyne Cougar

    Ok, guys so I've got a pretty much OG bike here... Now for the questions.... On the cougar it has a sissy bar that flows into shocks connected to the seat..or I should say bolted to seat and frame... If I wanted to get rid of the sissy bar could I use a different pair of shocks?...I like...
  14. T

    Can someone recommend me replacement forks (Powerdyne)

    I found some horrible welds on these forks, they cracked very easily. Can someone recommend me a replacement fork? It doesn't have to be Powerdyne nor do they have to have shocks/springs, I just want forks that will work on my Galaxie/Falcon with some strength, integrity. OldMiniBikes? eBay?
  15. markus

    powerdyne project roller

    Think its a "Galaxy" this is the steel 6" wheel version with the drum brake. it had some homemade skid plates riveted on so I took them off and welded up the holes as well as 2 that were probably for some bolt on pegs, and cut a added on tab off as well. Looks like the original pegs were mid...
  16. countstevula

    countstevula's 2014 Open Class Build - Powerdyne Chopper

    My open class entry this year is a powerdyne chopper, acquired from Cheezpuff, err, Cheezynun. Cheezy1, that's it! Haven't decided on options yet, but it will be classy :thumbsup:
  17. minibikin'

    Powerdyne brake question

    Anyone know what brand drum brake a Powerdyne would have used? The drum measures 4 1/4" inside. This is a survivor bike and I'd like to get an original as it will be for sale soon.
  18. cheezy1

    Powerdyne chopper roller

    For sale....full Powerdyne chopper roller. No breaks or frame issues. Front forks are functional. I picked this up a few years ago..but really have a few too many other projects and will probably never get to it in my lifetime:laugh:. I have basically a new Hillard Inferno clutch (about 70bucks...
  19. markus

    quick and easy powerdyne

    I bought this bike the other day, some sort of powerdyne, it came with a brand new never had fuel in it predator, and some pocketbike wheels that werent really mounted. I like the frame, it has the looks of the lil indian but its a bigger frame and sized right for my 6' body. I wanted to...
  20. smallbikes88

    powerdyne for sale

    I lost interest in this bike, it was gonna be a quick fix bike for a friend but he ddnt want it? It has the original rims and tires, dont think engine is running? its pretty straight. only asking 150 dollars