1. Roper All Terrain

    Roper All Terrain

    Sears Roper All Terrain
  2. Vince1974

    1971 sears roper

    1971 sears roper. I have the original stock engine. Its a running riding bike. I have a new headlight switch . The stock engine runs. Located in Kansas city kansas. Will help with shipping. 1500 or best offer. Stock engine will come with the bike. 913 293 4623
  3. O

    Now available New Reproduction Bird Sears JC Penney Scrub brake pad Free shipping

    New US made casting of the long discontinued aluminum scrub brake pad for Bird manufactured minibikes, including certain Sears Roper and JC Penney branded models. A very limited number of these pads were produced and thus a limited number is available. Pad is 5" tall and 3" wide. NOT home...
  4. chipper

    SEARS Roper

    Rear fender bracket , $22 shipped .
  5. gumpit

    Sears Roper parts going to be listed soon.

    I bought this Roper at Windber thinking it would be an easy flip. Seemed like a no brainer to me. I couldn't get $200 for the whole thing so I will be parting it out. Since I hate shipping I am going to do it as one lot of parts. I know. It would do more individually. Well then you buy it and...
  6. RobertC

    Wanted - Roper grab bar

    I am hunting for a Roper grab bar. Original would be great, but reproduction would be fine. You never know till you ask....right.....:shrug:...:laugh: Please PM me with any information. Thank You, Robert
  7. C

    Sears Roper Gas tank

    Looking for a really good gas tank for a Sears Roper.
  8. j57little

    Sears Roper Front Fork Springs

    If anyone has, or has a lead on some Sears Roper front fork springs I would appreciate - any condition. Please send me a PM. Thanks! Jack
  9. james ackerman

    Roper seat.

    Nice seat, no rips, no tears. Does have some paint on it that I imagine can be cleaned off. $45 plus shipping
  10. Montini

    Help with roper mini bike.

    I need help with the model of tecumseh engine that will fit this bike. The guy I bought it from included a sears roto spader with a 6hp tecumseh engine. The engine has a 1 inch crank, I was going to turn the crank down to 3/4" but found out when I mocked the engine up that there is no way the...
  11. j57little

    Sears Roper Exhaust Pipe/Muffler

    Looking for a pipe as seen in either of these images. Needs to be NOS or restorable to new condition.
  12. M

    Need help with a Roper Mini bike restore.

    I recently picked up Roper Mini bike from a local guy. It came as part of a deal to get what i wanted and the more I look at it the more I like it. I am hoping someone has a manual, schematics or blueprints so i know what I am missing and what I need to at least get the Wheels and brakes...
  13. j57little

    Roper Frame

    My Roper project is moving very slowly, mostly because I'm dealing with more rust than is worth restoring. If anyone has restorable condition Roper parts - frame, forks/handlebars in particular, please send me a PM! Thank you, Jack
  14. mini one

    Roper Seat Cover Freebee

    Free to good home, just pay the 6.80? to flat rate envelope ship or pick up for 0$ ? Just the cover, repaired, see the pics. It came on a suspended model with the gas tank. Figured someone could use it for a rider. Sorry no foam or base but if you need a template for the base Ive got...
  15. H

    Roper Parts Jackshaft.

    Im looking for the roper jackshaft assembly . i believe it has a band brake on it too.
  16. j57little

    j57little's - Roper Rebuild - (Vintage Class)

    This may be the most difficult project I've ever attempted. The stuffed animal selected is a skunk - the starting condition of this minibike could be no worse - it really stinks! Anyone have any advise on how to remove the chrome lift bar from the frame? It's really, really frozen in there...
  17. Daniel Coop

    Sears Roper and ARCO Easyrider parts.

    In search of original seat and grab bar for my Sears Roper. Good money paid for GOOD parts. Also still looking for an ARCO Easyrider original suspension seat with the older flat ended shocks. Also looking for any reproduction stickers/decals for the head plate and gas tank. Once again...
  18. Daniel Coop

    New Roper project rolling chassis

    Another nice find here locally through a club brother in Denver. I scooped up this nice Sears Roper rolling chassis. It's mostly there, the frame is clean, with no cracks bends or re-welds. Slightly takes the sting outta losing a near mint Cat 400 by an hour, but then I saw it on this very...
  19. D

    My Sears Roper Question

    New to the forums and picked up a Sears Roper off CL. It's in pretty good shape. Some rust, pitting, etc. not the stock motor and the PO added some metal straps to extant the engine plate (maybe another issue down the road). It had the high speed fork option which I bent back to shape on a...
  20. P

    5" plain steel rear wheel, with sprocket sears roper? its new

    this is a 5" diameter wheel, the center hub is 7" wide, I believe it is new, painted silver 45.00