1. Billyzz

    Sidekick/Cushman scoot project

    Hi all Thanks for having me. I got this yesterday for 75 bucks and came straight here to learn about it. I am going to try to get it to look kinda sorta like this for our WW2 reenactments. Real paratrooper scooters cost as much as a small house. I don't see how to post photos so I'm sorry...
  2. bremerman

    WTD Bremer mini scoot parts

    Interested in any Bremer Mini Scoot items you may have. Need kick stand, jackshaft bearing block, brochures. Thank you. :wink:
  3. james ackerman

    1940s moto scoot drive clutch.

    Motor scoot scooter clutch $60 plus shipping.
  4. H

    1950's H.E. Bremer Mfg Mini Scoot score!!

    I just acquired this rare little monkey-mobile.. It's a Bremer Mini-Scoot-however it seems to be a lesser seen later model with the Power Products motor and all the extra doo-dads. Also--it's been over restored with chrome and all the pretty stuff.. Needs to be cleaned up and the clutch needs...
  5. F

    Bremer Mini Scoot

    I have a Bremer Mini Scoot, Looking for any info on this awesome Scooter, There is some cool history behind this scooter I am willing to share, May have to sell if any one is interested. Thanks.
  6. roccosbike

    Moto scoot

    1946 Moto-Scoot w/ briggs and straton motor
  7. superflea

    Bremer Mini Scoot Video

    1945 Bremer mini scooter - YouTube I hope this link works. Thought you guys might be interested. I have one of these Bremers as does another member on here. Third hand info I've gathered says there was only 3-5 hundred of these made before Cushman pushed Bremer back into thier original...
  8. incogrhino

    cool scoot

    antique ride on scooter
  9. trailhopper

    Cool 1966 Scoot

    :thumbsup: Vintage 1966 Scoot or Ski Mini Bike | eBay
  10. SimpleTom

    1939 Moto Scoot

    Moto Scoot 1939 Motor Scooter Moto Scoot 1939 Motor Scooter - $2500 (O.B.O Milwaukee) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2012-08-05, 8:16AM CDT Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  11. Frank Davis

    cool scoot with sidecar

    I want this scooter!
  12. superflea

    Bremer Mini Scoot

    Check this link out guys. I will be interested in what it finally goes for but there is some good info on this recent acquisition. Other Makes Other Makes | eBay :scooter::pimp:
  13. oldrelics

    1953 Cycle Scoot, 6" steel wheels

    1953 Cycle Scoot in any condition, and 6" steel wheels.
  14. helix95

    chrysler sno scoot

    Hello if anyone has one for sale I would be interested.Also have a low mileage 1971 Honda ct 70 for trade for one.It is the 4 speed model with clutch.It was very nice till young kids spray painted it. Thanks
  15. D

    Cycle Scoot

    I need a front fender, side cover and engine for a Cycle Scoot. If anyone has anything, info, pics let me know! Thank you!
  16. tikibeave

    Cycle Scoot

    I am looking for a cycle scoot. If anyone has one i would be interested in a partial trade for my schwinn.