1. B

    Sunday September 10th. Long Island VINTAGE Mini bike swap meet. BUY SELL TRADE

    Sunday September 10th. Long Island Mini bike swap meet. BUY SELL TRADE From 9am to 2pm FREE!! 70 Baiting Place Rd. Farmingdale NY 11735 Come on down and check out some Kool Vintage mini bikes and Go karts. Buy, Sell or trade min bik es, go karts and parts.
  2. D

    1970's DuneCycle, would like to sell

    I have a 1970's DuneCycle with a Briggs & Stratton 206cc /5HP engine.Would like to know where is the best place to advertise it
  3. 125ccCrazy

    New ARC gx340, gx390, gx420, gx440 billet rod 4.45" Sell or Trade

    I have a new ARC billet rod +.040 for big block Honda, Clone, Predator...after purchasing the rod and other parts the rod is going to be too long for the piston I have unless the piston is milled so I would prefer to trade for a stock length ARC rod or sell for $125 loss, your gain....
  4. P

    Sensation? Have to sell, curious as to value

    I've owned this beautiful old bike, I believe it's a Sensation, or Go-Devil? Not sure. Bought it and put some time and money into restoring it, but have to let it go, and wonder if anyone has any idea of it's possible value. If I won't get much, I'll hang onto it, but if there are buyers out...
  5. james ackerman

    Sportsman Pak mule for trade, may sell.

    Looking to trade for a central cycle supply bike. Any takers?
  6. M

    Sell out worth driving for

    Formerly known as Bucholtz, life has happened and leaves me no time for mini bikes so everything must go. Complete sell out, mini bikes completed, rollers, and chassis. All my engines, new and used parts. I live south of Youngstown Ohio, 10 minutes from the last exit before Pennsylvania on...
  7. S

    Where can I sell my old yamaha mini enduros?

    Kind of like a mini bike but has attributes of a motorcycle. Mid 1970's. 100CC 5 speed. It's on the Colorado Springs Craigslist under motorcycle parts if you need to see them. Thanks, Steve.
  8. Wildv8

    Fresh build must sell

    $525 Custom streched frame jacksaft,new preditor, hyd rear brakes ,carb jetting and header runs great Sorry for some reason I cant post pics if someone could help me out id be thankful wildv8 Bike is my avitar
  9. jeep4me

    Allied Leisure Swap Meet and Show

    I'm heading down to the swap meet at allied leisure in Farmington hills today. Starts at 10am ends at 4pm. Taking a bunch of bikes to sell and a couple to show. Hope to see some OldMiniBikes members there
  10. Midyrman

    Lenses: Bonanza MX1310 Head light and Tail Lamp

    Looking for lenses for both lights. Does anyone sell replacement lenses? Thank you. Tom
  11. jeep4me

    Muscle Bicycle....??

    I spotted this vintage bicycle at a garage sale on my way home from work today. I'm waiting on an answer as to whether or not their mom wants to sell it. Hopefully they'll call me tomorrow. Looks like it's been used solely as an exercise bike it's entire life.
  12. J

    1972 suzuki rv90j

  13. O

    Hello from Indiana

    Hello, I'm new to this and posted in the wrong forum (Sorry), I picked this up from my Father in law and have no idea of what it is and have no need for it, I will take any info on it Good or Bad, I don't want to try and sell it without some idea of what it is. Thanks in Advance
  14. O

    Hello, Just looking

    Hello, I'm in Indiana and Sorry I'm new to this but wanted some info and found this site, This was picked up from my Father in law and I have no idea or clue to what it is, I am in my (well lets just say old) and couldn't ride this so I am going to sell it but wanted as much info on it as I can...
  15. S

    Where can I get a new doodle bug in canada?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new baja db30 and I can't seem to find any... Does anyone know where I could get one? I know they used to sell them at canadian tire but apparently not anymore. I'm in ontario if that helps thanks
  16. Dan-E-boy

    Fuji go-devil forks or good pics of one...

    hello gang, I have a go devil I'm trying to sell but I know it will be hard to because it's missing the forks.. if you have one that you're willing to sell please let me know.. if not then some good pics of a fork would be helpful so I can possibly build my own :weld::grind: Thanks in advance...
  17. J

    Rupp 6" chrome ring with hole

    Looking for a very nice chrome trim ring with the air fill hole. Pic and price if you have one your willing to sell. Thanks, Joe
  18. tbird

    DB30 Kickstand spring

    Does anyone out there happen to have a DB30 kickstand spring that they may want to sell? I need one for my next project. Thanks!
  19. slick 73

    3 hp help

    I bought this motor several years ago at a yardsale, thinking I'd eventually put it on a bike or go cart. I recently pulled it out of storage and found that it has a thread crankshaft instead of a keyed shaft. The engine has never been used or even so much as started. Wondering if I should sell...
  20. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty 2

    I was originally going to sell this Black Beauty frame but parts have dripped in so I think I'll go for it. As it was bought: