1. tippycanoenm

    Silver Briggs

    so I bought another bike yesterday and in the deal I got what the previous owner said was a 5 horse is silver and the numbers are 100202-0244-01-6803257.........can anyone verify that for me? or point me to a place where I can find out......I have been searching the forum with no...
  2. J

    HH70 silver glitter in oil

    I have 2 questions. One is can you someone tell me what year this engine was made. The model is HH70-140058J and the serial number is 0288D. Also, I changed the oil for the second time since I got the old engine running and there is this really fine glittery substance coming out in the oil. Now...
  3. f150tilt

    Blue and silver Minibike

    I think I know what this is but thought I would ask since I get all the brands mixed up.
  4. oldfatguy

    mini bikes in on the silver screen

    Legion of Fire - Marabunta - Killer Ants - Full Movie - part 2 - YouTube I was watching Marabunta tonight on the chiller channel. It's a dumb scifi flick about killer ants. The best part so far is when two people escape from the killer ants on an old mini bike. Watch at 10:00 minutes in I...
  5. 125ccCrazy

    quick silver radar gun

    used quck silver radar gun.... works but a couple of the digital bars don't light as bright as the others.... $45 plus shipping
  6. trailramdan

    Silver paint for 66 chevelle

    I know some of you have old muscle cars on the forum. I was looking for anyone who had a silver car with metallic in it....interested in some paint codes to see what direction I want to go with as of now I really like this shade of silver....scroll towards the bottom Dad's Birthday Detail...
  7. Thecatmilton

    Engine and Rim painting Honda Z50

    Does anybody know how to get that nice silvery aluminum stock paint color on a Honda z50? :shrug:
  8. slywilliez

    1971 speedway silver shadow

    Im looking for a Speedway Silver Shadow roller or just a frame. The bikes came with a sach 125. Let me know what you may have thanks.
  9. minibikedude

    Silver lake MI Apple, BQ Fest Sept 7-8

    I was up to Silver lake, Michigan last weekend to play at the sand dunes again. There was a festival going on there that weekend. I found some minbikes at the car and buggy show. I think I have seen these bikes before at Motorcitymini's shows. I also found a Trail 70 one of the locals rides...
  10. oldfatguy

    the Silver Cloud is finally done

    I painted the roller a couple of years ago and it was waiting for the engine to be pieced back together. I took it for it's first ride today, it started right up on the third pull. I still need to do some tuning to get it idling better, but this thing is fast. That big H60 is a perfect fit in...
  11. oldrelics

    Red or Silver Metalflake vinyl

    Nothing to see here..... Sorry, I'll sell it somewhere else....
  12. Silver Clouds

    Silver Clouds

  13. skid70

    Silver Cloud(s) - Houston, Tx

    Looking to clean up the shop and wanted to see if anyone was interested in some bikes I picked up a while back. I've got (1) complete Silver Cloud, the better part of a second, and a bin with what appears to be from a third bike. I've not found much information online about these bikes other...
  14. 125ccCrazy

    Silver Fox Buggy Kart 9hp Robin Subaru

    full suspension Silver Fox buggy Kart with fresh 9hp RS, ported/polished head, header, 26mm carb, new frt tires, new sprockets, new chain, new bearings, new lights, brake light, new dual batterys, custom steering column with bearings on each end, frt end tightened up, rear frame was rebuilt with...
  15. R

    Rupp paint code for the silver gas tanks?

    I am working on a 1970 Rupp Scrambler. Tanks were painted silver that year. I need to repaint the tank as it was spray painted black. Does anyone have the correct paint code? I would to use base/clear coat out of a gun, so a PPG code would be great. Thanks!
  16. Mark G

    Silver Tecumseh paint

    I have a couple Tecumseh motors that are a grey-ish silver from the factory. Anyone know if there is a close match for this paint available?
  17. markus

    Good match for Rupp silver color?????

    I'm picking up a Rupp Scrambler sometime this week and it for sure needs the fanshroud and tank repainted, They look like the same silver color? Frame is red. I think I can get away with leaving the frame alone, but the tank, numberplate, and at least engine shroud will need redone...