1. I

    New to this site

    Hi all, my name is Chris. I live in Mid Missouri by way way of Chicago and my home country England. I own and operate a motorcycle repair shop and I get a lot of people trying to sell me bikes and parts, some of which I buy of course and pass on to help keep the shop running. My road ride is a...
  2. B

    Newbe but love the site

    Hey, just a quick Hello. Love the site and plan on my first build for my kid. Have a Predator 212cc in box and an 82 Briggs Flathead disassembled but ready to go. Is the Bandito frame and kit a good buy? Of course I am saving the Predator for myself and possibly building a custom frame with...
  3. H

    New to this awesome site!

    Hammeringhank here. Very cool site you all have here. I recently picked up an old Chibi 430, a blue one, in pretty rough shape, but it turns over so there's a plus. Looking for parts for it if anyone has Chibi parts let me know. My curent ride is a 79 gt 80. Past rides include Rupp, Heath Kit...
  4. D

    What does this mean? (Site question)

    Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words. :confused: I attempt a reply to a thread, all words nothing else and I get the error message.....
  5. chipper

    New Site lay-out

    I normally not being one to embrace change , must say I'm really liking this new format . Makes navigation very easy . Nice work OldMiniBikes :thumbsup: What does everyone else think ?
  6. R

    new to the site

    Hello, New to the site wanted to post a message saying I'm looking forward to the great info and knowledge here. I am a novice to the world of mini bike restoration but am looking forward to spending some spare time with it. I will try to get some photos up of what I'm working with, I have a...
  7. Not so mini bike

    Taco site

    Is the taco site down for other people too. Came up 404 error. I'd copy the link but it would do no good. :doah:
  8. S

    Hello, new to the site 70 Artic cat 400x

    My brother just gave me this Artic Cat he had in his garage for the last 12 years. I will post pictures as soon as I can. I didn't know he had this and I and very Excited to get it running. The engine is free and the only thing I think that is missing is the clutch/chain guard.Carburetor needs...
  9. MB165

    a neat online distance, measurment conversion site

    Have yall seen this site yet? Does it all metric to inch or vice versa, type in your number and it converts it to every other dimension there choosing what to convert it to.... Distance and Length Conversion (Online Units Converter)
  10. Shawnster

    Site problems

    Is anyone else having redirect problems again? When I'm using my laptop and I try clicking on the last page of a topic such as the Word Association page, it redirects me to the page before. However, it works fine on my cell phone. I tried flushing the DNS, resetting my connection and...
  11. BigJ

    Hey guys! New to the site! Check out my ride!

    Finally did some work on my DB30 recently! Here's how it turned out Had 6.5 Greyhound Engine Governor removed 18lb springs .003 Exhaust .002 Intake Custom exhaust UNI 2-stage air filter AGK 22mm Mikuni carb adapter with pulse fitting 22mm Carb 95 main jet Mikuni fuel pump Custom paint...
  12. M

    New to the site - guidance appreciated

    Hello all, I am new to the site and have joined as I have a close friend who has collected a few minibikes over the years and now wants to get rid of them. I am trying to find out what the potential value is of each and how I should go about selling them. I have included pictures, they are...
  13. W

    Hi all just new to this site

    Hi , i have a lem small mini bike but i cant find another 1 anywhere or find any info on it , can any 1 help .
  14. B

    new to this site

    Hi everyone Im restoring a 1970 benelli volcano 180cc I have at this thing since i was 7 i am in need of people that knows a thing or two about these thanks in advance
  15. Jackal514

    New to the site.

    Hello I am new to the site. I like to buy and sell old mini bikes and have about 13 of them. Frames running bikes parts and more plus a few go karts. I don't know how to post pics yet. Any help?
  16. T

    Hello all, newbie here

    Hello everyone, just joined the forum yesterday, i recently picked a little italian mini bike, non runner and looking a bit sad, i was hoping to pick peoples brains on here about it and hopefully find some spares for it, iv been trying and trying to upload pics but it just doesnt happen, the...
  17. gammatg

    New guy from Buffalo NY

    Hello, my name is Eric. I just found this site yesterday along with my first vintage mini bike! I picked it up yesterday at a garage sale. I don't know much about it. It runs great. Its a 2 stroke, I believe the motor is a Jacobson. The seat says Kawasaki but after looking online I couldn't find...
  18. L

    purchase in process. Intek 206 6Hp

    looking to get this engine to replace the 5 Hp flat head. Pros/ Cons. looks like there are a ton of parts and reference on this site. I'm too lazy to look. can throttle be easily adapted? fab own brackets, or is there a cheap aftermarket? this will be going on a sensation mb-6 with...
  19. H

    Phantom threads.

    There were some threads that were visible, but not necessarily searchable even through members recent posts. This is fixed now and will slowly be working on some of the other quirks the site has and then onto larger projects for it. :thumbsup:
  20. K


    Hi, I'm Denny from Knoxville Tennessee. Retired construction worker. 73 yr old body, but still think like a kid. Been tinkering with small engines most of my life. A cup of coffee and the thumpity thump of an old briggs is what gets my day started. I will post some pics of my mini collection...