1. xr7gt

    New project Parnelli Jones MT1 Kawasaki

    Thought I would create a project log to post some pictures of the newest addition to my collection. I received a text message last Sunday from a ad I posted on a local classified site, looking to buy old mini bikes etc. The text said, "I have an old Kawasaki mini bike that is sitting in my...
  2. Trail Blazer

    First mini bike

    Hello all. I have been checking out the site for a while now and wanted to join for all of the knowledge and help you seem to impart to others. This is my first mini bike and I already know I need some help...... Frank
  3. ogygopsis

    Just Wondering

    On the old OldMiniBikes site a little black square appeared on the screen to let you know that you had a PM. I'm wondering if there is something comparable on the new site and I'm just overlooking it. Thanks guys, Ogy
  4. M

    new to site

    hello am new to site
  5. traildog777

    Hello All from Georgia.

    Hello everyone another new guy here, from Conyers Georgia. Really dig the site!
  6. W

    New here

    Hi, just found this site. Great site which leads to a few questions. I have a minibike that has been in the family for almost 50 years. I am curious on what kind of minibike it is. From what I've seen on here it could be 60's ruttman washer although it looks like some of the Lil Indians are...
  7. O

    Steel wheel

    Hi guys, Anyone have any knowledge of the 6" steel rim posted on the OldMiniBikes warehouse site product #AZ1025 that comes with a 3/4" bearing? What I'm trying to find out is what bearing is needed to change it to a 5/8" ID bearing to suit the axle before I order it so they can be ordered at the same...
  8. Taco Loco Joe

    Taco 22 finished

    I bought this taco in 1994 for 80 bucks for my Son. It was ridden hard, crashed a few times . Even caught on fire once! I took it apart and it sat for 8 years . It was fun restoring it. this site was helpful. This was my first build and I'm already on the hunt for another Taco !
  9. ZR9B

    HS 40 timing set point

    After a quick google I see .35 before TDC and .65 before TDC this is from a 1972 Rupp HS 40. both numbers are posted on this site in one place or another. thanks for the help
  10. JohnnyTillotson

    Cheng Shin 14 x 6 Tire

    Need a 14 x 6 Chen Shin tire for the rear wheel of a Stellar Black Beauty. Even a link to a site that has them would be appreciated.
  11. R

    Newbe to this site

    Hello- Everybody in the vintage minibike world, I'm new to this site, although I've checked it out before looking for advise re-building a Bonanza BC1200 for my nephew, I have now been bitten by the Tote Gote bug and in full swing, more my speed- HA. I was a regular on Tote, but...
  12. aranhawaii

    Throttle Assembly 7/8"

    Wanted this part from OldMiniBikes Warehouse, but it's out of stock. Throttle Assembly Single Cable If you have this and would sell it to me, or have a link to another site that sells it, let me know. Thanks!
  13. 2

    New motor and fit suggestions

    I recently purchased {back} my original Galaxie mini-bike from about 45 years ago. Unfortunately all that's left of it is the frame, a beat-up seat, and two wheels needing new bearings. It originally came with a {silver} 3hp Tecumseh motor, which has been lost somewhere along the way. I've...
  14. slick 73

    New guy from Kentucky

    greetings ladies and gents! ive been trolling the forum for a while and decided i should introduce myself. growing up, i always wanted a minibike, but could never seem to afford or find one(before craigslist). now that im grown and have a son of my own, the minibike bug has bit again. ive...
  15. B

    great site!

    Great site! Own a predator doddlebug with header pipe. pics to come...whats up with the photo gallery?
  16. Dragbikemini

    I need some help with new site

    Hey everyone! Hitting off NewYear good with some work at home for about next 6-8 mos. I'm going to go easy on the jeep project because its got rust issues so that means I'm back and going to take a stab at a Drag mini. Have some questions because site has changed. I know pics I posted were...
  17. K

    gx200 stroking with predator crank

    what all does it take to do this? probably going throw this crank in with a std length billet rod, with flat top piston. will I have to mill the piston down? looked all over the site and couldn't find anything
  18. J

    Hello all

    Hello, New to the site, and mini bikes, just got a fat wheeled one and am trying to figure out what it is. Thanks, John
  19. Fatboy04

    My wife say's HOARDER !!!! This #8 in a year. Not counting the 2 sold.

    Can anybody help me out what this is ? And how old it is ? This site has been so helpful. THANKS
  20. ss396conv

    Another New Guy from Ohio

    Hello All, I am new to this site and new to minibikes in general. I recently completed a restoration of a Meyers Manx fiberglass dune buggy and wanted to find and restore a Meyers Lynx 65 minibike. Thanks to Mean Dean, I found one through this site. I am now collecting NOS parts and will post...