1. Skat Kitty

    Skat Kitty

  2. Skat Kitty

    Skat Kitty

  3. Skat Kitty

    Skat Kitty

    Skat Kitty seat
  4. Skat kitty

    Skat kitty

    Skat kitty seat
  5. Skat kitty

    Skat kitty

    Skat kitty seat
  6. skat_kitty_decal


  7. skat_kitty_original2


  8. skat_kitty_original1


  9. skat kitty

    skat kitty

  10. skat kitty

    skat kitty

  11. skat kitty

    skat kitty

  12. bremerman

    WTB Skat Kitty jackshaft assy or any parts there of

    Money awaiting kind soul with parts I need. :wink:
  13. D

    Skat kitty sprocket

    I have a 68 D model in need of a rear sprocket. 4 inch rim with drum and sprocket combined. 48 tooth. Thanks, im anxious to get her roadworthy.
  14. S

    Skat kitty help

    Can someone tell me what size axle and spacers are needed for this and where to find them. Not sure the year but #1097. Would like to get this kitty going again, thanks
  15. S

    Old/New Skat Kitty Owner

    Hello everyone from good ol' Muncie, Indiana. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I was given an awesome Skat Kitty minibike. I rode it for a year or so before it stopped for good. When I was 12 or 13, I decided to give my mechanical skills the test and fix the bike. My (not so nice) father found...
  16. ugmold

    Skat Kitty Mini Bike

    Look at this baby, Skat Kitty Mini Bike Rare Early Model 4" Wheel Scat Skat Kitty Mini Bike Barn Find! Doodlebug
  17. S

    Skat kitty info?

    New to the forum and trying to get info on my skat kitty. I've seen here that there are different models etc. How to tell which is which. Kitty has some parts missing but not many. Has # 1097. Any info or help is appreciated.
  18. ole4

    this is on craigslist austin nice looking expensive skat kitty

    1960's Skat Kitty Mini Bike
  19. J

    Custom Skat KItty on Ebay

    I noticed a custom Skat-Kitty on Ebay this evening. Auction ends Sunday at 5:13 P.M. pacific standard time. Check it out, it looks pretty sick. Titled: 1965 Custom Built Motorcycles Skat Kitty 1965 Skat Kitty Custom Minibike signed by "Big Daddy" Ed Roth ***RAT FINK***
  20. P

    Skat Kitty Mini Bike

    This is a once restored to very original specifications Skat Kitty mini bike. These bikes were made in a factory in Dayton, Ohio and had a one piece cast aluminum frame. They were designed to be placed in your airplane, yacht or car then be used as transportation once arriving to your...