1. David wulf

    Tecumseh HS40 slanted intake

    I have a rupp TEC hs40 slanted intake for sale 50.00 shipped.
  2. Sprocket86

    HS50 slanted intake and taylor muffler pipe for MTD/Columbia

    Putting my MTD model 520 "ugly" bike back together and I have a early 80's HS50 Tec that could really use the correct slanted intake manifold and matching slanted Taylor spark screen type muffler. I know that these bikes used a muffler pipe extension that fit over top of the can on the taylor...
  3. markus

    HS50 Tecumseh slanted carb intake

    $85 shipped, ONLY fits the HS50 engine, it is an NOS take-off part that has been polished.
  4. cruhr1

    HS40 block and slanted intake wanted

    I'm looking for an HS40 block with a good cylinder bore and valve guides that aren't worn out. Also looking for a slanted intake pipe. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Chad
  5. gammatg

    Wanted h35 exhaust for a slanted intake motor

    Looking for a correct exhaust for this.
  6. danford1

    Running a HS40 non slanted intake on a slanted engine.

    I'm working on a Rupp Scrambler with the slanted engine. I have a HS40 I want to put on it but it doesn't have a slanted intake. I'm sure I'm not the first one to do it. What are your experiences using a non slanted intake on a slanted engine? I'm searching for a slanted intake but haven't...
  7. David wulf

    HS 40 slanted intake

    For sale is a tech slanted HS 40 intake , came off the hs40 rupp motor I have . Price 60.00 shipped OBO
  8. gammatg

    Is this HS40 meant for a slanted application.?

    I bought a 70 Rupp Roadster today and this lighted coil motor was on it. I believe it's a 1973. Just wondering if this came off of a Fox or something along those lines. I know the 70 Rupps are painted silver with the balloon decal,and the 71-3 Rupps are black with the Rupp Industries...
  9. O

    Mini Bike Part or ?

    Cleaning up and ran across this. :blink: Does anyone know what it is from?
  10. gammatg

    Slanted intake for a H35 Tecumseh

    Looking for a slanted intake for a h35 tecumseh for my 71 rupp. Thanks Eric
  11. David wulf

    Taylor chrome slanted exhaust

    This pipe came off my rupp scrambler . It's chrome plated and in great shape , has a slight bit of yellowing near flange but that's normal with heat . This is a spark arrester model and the screen is in prefect shape. This would look great on a rupp restoration or any that need the slanted...
  12. John G.

    Tecumseh slanted intake

    In need of a h30/h35 tecumseh slanted intake. Would also consider a slanted adapter for h30/h35. Pm me if you have one you would like to sell.
  13. JohnnyTillotson

    Slanted exhaust needed

    Does anyone have a slanted exhaust for this MTD so that I do not overheat my right testicle? Let talk. Thanks in advance. Yours, JT
  14. C

    need a slanted intake manifold for hs50.

    I bought a hs50 engine but I need a slanted intake for it to work on my minibike. I checked out black widow motor sports and they have them for $35 but I want to be absolutely sure its gonna fit this engine. Here are the numbers from the engine hs50-67197d ser 0227b . The intake on this engine...
  15. markus

    hard to find Tecumseh HS40 diaphragm 1968-1970 for slanted engines

    Fresh off a 1970 Fox, we wont be needing it as the engine will be used in a standard application and would have came with a bowl carb. This is the actual HS40 one, with correct choke lever, throttle arm etc.. used on slanted Tecumseh engines pre 1971. Engine is running but I would rebuild the...
  16. Peekster

    Tecumseh HS 50 Slanted Intake

    Looking for a slanted intake for a hs 50 Thanks
  17. bikerboybenny8

    Modified clone (predator) carb intake?

    I have seen many people use their predator 212's on slanted engine mounts without adjusting the angle of the carb.. Not sure if I will need to but does anyone have any good examples of how to make a slanted adapter for a stock clone carb??
  18. bikerboybenny8

    Question about slanted engine plates

    wondering if a clone (predator 212) is affected by the engine plate angle as far as carburetor functions go. Has anyone ever had any problem with their carbs not getting any fuel with a slanted engine plate such as a bird nighthawk
  19. O

    Where to buy slant intake for tecumseh? bird nighthawk project

    Where do you guys find those slanted intakes for bikes like bird nighthawk or rupps?
  20. Iron Honky

    hs40 slanted intake.

    Got a hs40 slanted intake if anyone is interested. asking $35 shipped.