1. 5hp twister

    5hp twister

    5 hp twister
  2. 5hp twister

    5hp twister

    5 hp twister
  3. Eliminator

    What is this very small mini bike

    A friend picked this up recently and we are trying to ID it... It's quite small if you look at it compared to the tire and wheel it's in front of.. THANKS..
  4. bearkat small frame

    bearkat small frame

  5. rayvel67

    Vintage Small Gasoline Engine Book

    Just picked up this book. Thought it was cool. How to repair Small Gasoline Engines:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. S

    My small collection of mini's.

    So far I Have acquired a rupp roadster 2, doodle bug (with 212 cc predator), nighthawk and a thunderbird. Photo's to come.
  7. bikebudy

    Very small ?

  8. scootercat

    Machine Shops for small Engines?....

    Any one know of any small engine machine shops for, boring and decking,ect. the block on a clone/predator in the S.E.Michigan area?....Scootercat....
  9. KustomKartKid

    Small Block Tecumseh (Black Paint) Recoil and Air Cleaner Housing_ NICE!

    Real nice Tecumseh small block recoil and complete air cleaner assembly . Recoil works perfect. No dents or rust at all...very nice I was saving these for a high grade restoration. $35 for the parts + $10 to ship Priority Mail...$45. Paypal only.
  10. jeep4me

    Dress up that small engine

    Aussiespeed Small Engine Speed Shop Go kart and mini bike Performance Parts Just saw this on Facebook. Looks pretty cool. Would definitely dress up an ugly clone.
  11. deesel

    wtb lil indian small frame

    I'm looking for a small lil Indian frame. Need frame only. Pm me if you have anything. Thanks
  12. cpt.slow

    arc regular billet flywheel VS arc small billet flywheel

    if i get the small one will i have to re position my tci. and between the two what are some diffrances:shrug:

    Small mini

    Has some bent up forks and the owner is asking $600. Any ideas? [/URL][/IMG]
  14. Roadsterpu

    Small Engine Cams - Tim Isky - One Great Place To Do Business With

    So I just finished building a very mild Predator 212(new style non-hemi with the split retainers) and bought the vast majority of the parts from Tim at Small Engine Cams. Not only is he a super nice guy and gave great customer service when I bought the stuff but he stands behind his stuff as...
  15. M

    Blown engine? Or small problem.

    Is there any way of telling if an engine is blown? I have a 6.5 horsepower briggs and stratton intek engine, I was riding my minibike and it suddenly stopped. Ever since then my engine will not turn on, I pull the pull started but I feel no resistance. It feels as if no spark plug was there. I...
  16. 125ccCrazy

    small briggs side cover with sight glass / Rupp sprocket

    2-3.5hp briggs side cover with sight glass... this would be cool for a demo engine so you can see the engines internals in action or even on a bike..maybe a rat bike? $10 plus shipping Rupp turbine 6 bolt sprocket 72 tooth 35 pitch in good shape... some chain rash on one side but not...
  17. 125ccCrazy

    small briggs carb and short tank

    small briggs carb and short tank (pic now) I have a clean short tank and pull choke carb for a small briggs.. tank is clean inside, both carb and tank are original white with nice patina.... Carb should be flushed out but it looks good as is.. pics to come.. $25 O.B.O plus shipping.. I also...

    WTB Small Gas Tank

    Looking for this particular small plastic gas tank.Looks like it was made by whoever made the white plastic tecumseh tanks in the 70's.Has the same type of seam also the same inside filtered screen cover that the tecumseh tanks have.This came on Orline,or Ohlsson & Rice Engine's which in this...
  19. Boomstick

    What was the worst small engine you've ever had?

    Figured this would be appropriate for the engine section. Kind of a "what to avoid" thread for some of the less knowledgeable or newer members here. So: what was the worst small engine you had, and why? Reliability, durability, etc.
  20. KustomKartKid

    Tecumseh Small Gas Tank 1/2 Tank w/ Bracket

    Cool little Tecumseh tank I bought for a project and never used it. This would look good on any small frame bike or chopper where the full size tank looks to big and bulky. I was going to use it on my Powerdyne Rail but ended up selling the bike.. Looks like it...