1. A

    Simplex Compact Sportsman Minibikes

    Hey !!! I just started a group for these nice old vintage minibikes from Simplex Manufacturing, New Orleans, Louisiana. Appreciate hearing from any of you out there that either have one or just interested in them ! I am currently located in Memphis,Tennessee. Please get onto our group board ...
  2. W

    WLB's - Sportsman 300 - (Vintage Open)

    I bought this roller at the Portland, Indiana meet in 2013. I've never come across a suitable flathead engine for it so it has just been sitting gathering dust. My son recently sat a late model Briggs OHV engine in it and thought it could be made to work so I thought it would make a good Build...
  3. gumpit

    Simplex Sportsman

    Picked this up tonight. Any idea of the year? Not sure of the engine year or what was originally on it. AMF sticker under paint.Handle bar is bent. Might be able to be straightened. I didn't look too close at it. Just got it home and took quick pics. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.
  4. CaptNugget

    Powell P81 and Simplex Sportsman **chicago cl** (not mine)

    Found this ad this morning... Not mine but are neat figured someone will want them
  5. james ackerman

    Sportsman Pak mule for trade, may sell.

    Looking to trade for a central cycle supply bike. Any takers?
  6. bwherry1721

    Desperate Need for Briggs and Stratton 8 HP Engine for my Sportsman 700 Restore

    Hello I am restoring a Sportsman 700 I have run into a snag. The original Briggs and Stratton 7.5 HP engine has a crack in the block and cannot be used. I am so close to finishing the...
  7. Simplex Sportsman

    Simplex Sportsman

    Simplex Sportsman
  8. Mark G

    Simplex Sportsman

    Does anyone have a picture of how the gas tank is mounted to the frame? I assume there is a strap that runs from the front to the back on the bottom:confused:
  9. dw1973

    Simplex sportsman senior rear wheel and fenders

    Rear wheel w sprocket and brake $100 Fenders $75 49235
  10. bwherry1721

    1960's Sportsman 700 Trail Scooter

    Inherited 1960's Sportsman 700 Trail Scooter kept in old barn for 35 plus years. Only 1500 made in Denver, CO. Anyone have one or heard of this bike? Here are some pics of when it was pulled out of the barn and after cleaning it up a bit. Hoping to restore it but would love some guidance on...
  11. Mark G

    Simplex Sportsman Gas Tank

    Looking for a decent one...Cash waiting.......
  12. dw1973

    1966 Valiant Sportsman Senior

    Bought this one not long ago....has a Tecumseh H60 which is the original motor. Wondering how well a Westbend 820 would push this bike? Gonna take some work to make it shine again. Has a title which is cool for riding legally on the roads. Anyone have a Sportsman Compact or Senior seat...
  13. dw1973

    Looking for a seat for a 66 Simplex Senior Sportsman

    Long shot but if anyone has one for sale please pm me.
  14. richtrix

    1963 Simplex Deluxe Sportsman Compact

    Selling my 63 Simplex Deluxe Sportsman Compact. This is a nice original bike with all the rare options. Front brake, lights, buddy seat, red seal engine and kick start. Super rare to find a complete original bike like this. It runs strong and everything works. These bikes are heavy and well...
  15. Rupp 72

    Simplex Sportsman

    time to let one go:hammer: 1962 Simplex Sportsman Compact Minibike | eBay
  16. simplex sportsman compact

    simplex sportsman compact

  17. simplex sportsman compact

    simplex sportsman compact

  18. sportsman pak mules

    sportsman pak mules

  19. sportsman pak mule

    sportsman pak mule

  20. sportsman pak mule

    sportsman pak mule