Found my first minibike after 44yrs!

    Well I can't believe it but I actually found and bought my first ever Minibike, a 69 Stellar I got back in 75 and sold in 77, can't believe it. Full restoration, 5hp flathead, Limtco wheels and brakes, stay tuned for more
  2. stellar_211


    Stelllar Model B
  3. Havasu Dave

    Stellar Details Needed

    Originally, I obviously had other ideas, but I would like to bring this Stellar a little closer to original. It's a pretty cool bike, but I'm not happy with my earlier choices. I have scoured the internet, and have seen both valid, and even conflicting information. This bike has the original...
  4. trinik7597

    Stellar brake caliper

    Limtco brake caliper $45 shipped
  5. trinik7597

    Limtco/ stellar front wheel

    Limtco 6" dished aluminum front wheel $50 shipped
  6. slywilliez

    Stellar Early mini bike FS

    Up for sale is an Early Stellar mini bike. The bike is all original but will need some TLC. This has the old style of snow flake general tires and I replaced the rear one with a really nice one because is was bald. The original 3hp Clinton motor has good compression but doesn't have spark. I am...
  7. Hemibrad

    Wanted Vintage Chopper Minibikes Parts and Projects

    Wanted George Barris Minibikes complete or parts. Looking for California chopper, Trike, Flamer. Super Stocker, Mini Dragger bikes. Complete or Parts wanted dead or alive. Also any production information and / or engineering plans. Also seeking vintage original chopper minbikes including...
  8. AJaxMini

    Limtco Brake drum assembly for a Stellar

    I'm in need of a Limtco brake drum plate or assembly to complete the wheels for my Stellar Black Beauty. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Cash or trade (if I have something you need). Please PM if you have something. Thank you. A.J.
  9. B

    Wanted: Stellar front and rear fenders

    Wanted: Stellar front and rear fenders. looking for Quasi style and Black Beauty style. Prefer clean but would like to see what is out there. 2 complete sets would be great. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Greg
  10. Not so mini bike

    Stellar clutch cover

    Repop of A stellar clutch cover. Polished up to look like a mirror. Mounts to Tecumseh, Briggs or Honda/clone This is made from a thick gauge. Not flimsy. $65 shipped
  11. Not so mini bike

    Custom stellar roller

    Custom stellar roller. Everything is new. Chrome sprocket, fork plate and throttle and grips. Has brake cable and throttle cable already installed. Custom Karen seat, foot pegs and brake stop. Frame is powder coated white. Wheels and brake are polished. This roller is show quality and ready for...
  12. C

    just finnished my Stellar

    just finnished my Stellar now onto my build off bike
  13. trinik7597

    Stretched stellar roller

    Stellar roller stretched 6" . Modified drag bars , steering damper , older Astro wheels with new sprocket , limtco caliper , stellar face plate , Omb grips and throttle , slick rear tire and Cheng shin universal tread front I am keeping the tank for another project $400 plus shipping
  14. Not so mini bike

    Stellar top mount gas tank.

    The all most unheard of stellar top mount gas tank. Not gonna build this bike so no need for this anymore. Outside is cleaned down to bare metal. Inside is clean as well. One little dent in top of the tank. Original gas cap. No fuel petcock. $300 shipped and insured. My packages like this are...
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar pickup

    Found this Stellar frame with rear wheel at the Lake Compounce, Ct Swap Meet today. For a scant $40 no less. Think its a model D. it was a good minibike event this time. Saw a compkete Toyoco Beta 400 for $200. Well, minus exhaust and maybe other small stuff. I took a pic and will post later.
  16. Not so mini bike

    Super Stellar

    Picked this bike up in a trade. It was made pretty by a nice man in California. I decided on a nice west bend 610 engine as the power plant. Then I needed to figure out my fuel problem. Where to mount a gas tank to an already powder coated frame. I know a guy that knows a guy that had what I...
  17. Not so mini bike

    Stellar fenders

    Looking for a set of stellar fenders. What's out there. I really wish someone would repop a set. Lol
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    4'' Wheeled Stellar

    Picked up this lil Stellar last week. This is the oddest one and potentially the most interesting Stellar ive gotten. For $50 its the cheapest too! The wheels are 4'' General. Yet they look original to the bike. The sprocket lines up nice with the caliper bracket. Anyone know if...
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Ad

    Haven't seen this one. Gives you a good look at the back of the Chopper.
  20. B

    STELLAR Model "A" 2 Stroke

    Completed this last night. Here are some pictures. (actual bike is a darker blue...don't know why it came out lighter in the pictures). Thanks to everybody who gave me lots of information on this bike. A HUGE thanks to Kenny for making the seat from a picture in the brochure and some...