1. CaptNugget

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS

    I know this isn’t exactly the place for it (it’s in classifieds as well) but I figured trike guys would be looking here ... Alsport Tri-Sport RTS for sale (I believe it’s an RTS) Mostly complete but is a project Seemingly has the wrong seat but it works decent on it Has motor (don’t know off...
  2. CaptNugget

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS —For Sale —$400

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS for sale (I believe it’s an RTS) Mostly complete but is a project Seemingly has the wrong seat but it works decent on it Has motor (don’t know off hand exactly what it is) Excellent candidate for complete restoration or just get running and send it! Shocks seem to be in...
  3. Rustygold

    Alsport TriSport

    Bad pictures but the only ones I think I have of it. Wish I had hung on to this one.
  4. L

    Tri'Sport Street Legal Body for sale

    I have a few tri-sport bodies for sale. Asking 175.00 or 300.00 for 2. They are new in good condition . Also looking for SL frames. Send text for pics
  5. D

    Alsport Trisport MTS 30

    Does anyone know how the hubs come off the axle on the MTS 30 or do the axles pull out of the center section, Help I'm totally confused.
  6. Rear shot engine in.

    Rear shot engine in.

    Engines in but not wired yet. Waiting for clutch belt to permanently place engine mount plate
  7. crazy indian

    Alsport Trisport sl.

    Hi. I'm up in Alberta trying to finish my build for spring. Hoping to have my Alsport Trisport sl on the road as soon as the snow is gone. Having troubles figuring out how to post pics on here. Any advise?
  8. D

    Alsport Trisport MTS 30 axle length and parts

    Does anyone know what is the correct length is for the axle on a MTS 30? Or could someone take a pic of the underside of their MTS 30, The guy that was suppoosed to restore my MTS 30 lost the entire axle set up including both rear tires and rims, Im also in search of a donor one so I can finish...
  9. seat


    SL seat/headrest
  10. rts-8


    rts-8 with cover
  11. alsport cover

    alsport cover

    SL cover

    For Sale: Rare 1974 Alsport Trisport Street Legal Trike

    Saw this on CL today. Rare Find
  13. OhioTrisport

    Alsport Trisport Daytona Blazer Help?

    I have a Alsport Trisport Daytona Blazer that has a 340 Kohler and dual Borg Warner 1000 brake cylinders. I was wondering if any one knows if calipers mount with bleed screws and fittings mount on bottom or on top. Also replaced kill switch that is not a maintained but grounds if you hold. Any...
  14. Tri-sport


  15. A

    Alsport Trisport tecumseh 14hp belt size!

    Anyone know what size belt does it use? I need to replace mine soon. I have the one and only street legal Trisport in the state of CA.
  16. D

    WTB.. Alsport trisport MTS 30

    Looking to buy MTS 30 in any condition or any parts
  17. D

    Alsport Trisport MTS 30

    I'm looking to purchase a MTS 30 in any condition or any parts, can any one help, Please..
  18. outcrydrummer

    1974 Trisport Alsport 440 JLO Rockwell part out

    Hey guys I've given up on my project. I'd like to go ahead and part out the Trisport. For those of you who arent aware I have a thread on the more than two wheels section for my restore / rebuild of the rts 340 sl. Way too many parts to do price break down but I'll say from $40-$300 for the...
  19. D

    MTS Alsport Trisport

    Looking for rims and tires for the MTS 30 alsport trisport, I also need the bearing holders that connect to the frame, will to buy all parts and pieces.. thanks guys