1969 Rupp Roadster in Maine (Near Bangor)

Yeah, i sent a text. I didn't want to ring them up at 10:45. Probably not going to be very willing to work with you on shipping if you start out like that
4 hours from me. But I have zero interest in it. I have to go to Pa. for an auction this week then back to Pa a few days later for Windber. Too much driving.
I called twice yesterday. Left a message the first time, didn't bother the second time. Never got a response to my texts either. I guess she doesn't want to sell it
I honestly don't have the time. Going to Pennsylvania tomorrow. Coming back Thursday night. Working Friday. Getting ready for Windber this weekend then leaving Monday for Pa again. Unless you can get the seller to drop it off at my house tonight and I can bring it to someone on my way to Windber. I'm already overloaded with my stuff as usual again this year. My 4 cylinder is not going to like this trip.lol... How far is it from Peekster. He has picked up stuff from me and brought it to Windber the last few years for other people maybe I can get him to grab some stuff from my house this weekend.
Well, I called her. She picked up on the second ring. She said no one had called her and she needed to sell right away so she sold it to me for $250.