1. Trail Horse

    Trail Horse

    Trail Horse clutch guard
  2. H

    Wtb Orginal Bonanza chain guard

    Orginal Chrome chain guard. Bonanza ....412-277-5803. Mark
  3. derekbmn

    **~Sears Clutch Guard~** WTB

    Looking for this style Sears Clutch Guard in good survivor quality condition. Please PM me.....Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
  4. C

    Need Ideas For Attaching Bellypan/Gravel Guard

    I made three of these over the weekend for the CT200u. But haven't figured out how to attach it to the frame. Would just drilling and bolting to the frame significantly weaken the frame? Should I come up w/ an attachment mounting system using brackets, or? :confused: I think that 3...
  5. S

    Any ideas? Mystery Chain Guard and wheel?

    Cleaning out the garage and found some stuff from way back. Wanted to see if anyone could help identify the: Chain Guard And Wheel Before I post them. Thank you in advance.
  6. Valocalrep

    Clutch guard mount

    Hew everyone i remember a few years back that OldMiniBikes sold just the Clutch Guard Mount for the predator but i cant find it now, i can find the full kit but but i was just looking for the L plate that mounts on the engine, anyone have leads on them or able to make them?
  7. J

    Huffy Hustler Seat and chain Guard

    Just got a Huffy Hustler and it is missing the seat and chain cover. If anybody has one or a direction to look please let me know. Located in southern MI.
  8. L

    Anyone run a sprocket guard on their doodlebug?

    I ride my mini bike pretty hard and throw the chain twice in an hour of hard riding. Mostly street riding, but when I hit a bump in the road at full throttle it may throw the chain. I currently run a 12t clutch 59t split sprocket with the OldMiniBikes split sprocket adapter. I was thinking about either...
  9. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC Tecumseh Exhaust Pipe, Guard and Mounting Bracket

    Exhaust pipe and guard and mounting bracket Pipe has new chrome from Space Coast Plating. Slotted end perfect. No scratches etc. Pictures are hard to take of chrome without shadows, reflection etc. Near perfect piece. NOS guard. Near perfect condition as you can get. Original 2 piece...
  10. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC 1200-1300 Clutch/Chain Guard w/Brackets

    Clutch Guard and mounting bracket set BC1200-1300. Nice new chrome from Space Coast Plating in Melbourne, FL. Nice clean original set of original mounting brackets with original hardware. The engine bracket slightly damaged but won’t see it under the guard. $375 shipped to lower 48...
  11. S

    Clutch guard bracket

    Looking for the bracket shown in the pictures. I was told OldMiniBikes now only ships the guards with the larger brake band brackets and I need one of the smaller ones for my application. Please let me know if you have one you'd like to part with and thanks for looking!
  12. smudvapor

    Trail Horse Clutch Guard

    My students are looking for a Trail Horse clutch guard or template so we can fabricate one. If you know of one or anyone who may be making them I would appreciate it.
  13. J

    Forall scooter belt guard

    Any know where to find a belt guard for a Forall scooter. I know its a longshot but thought i'd check. Thanks Ron
  14. R

    Golden Pinto Chain guard

    Looking for a chain guard for a 73 Golden Pinto
  15. Woody212

    Bird Falcon/Sears brake pedal rubber, chain guard, other?

    Looking for the brake pedal rubber and a chain guard. Also let me know what else you have, two speed parts or other Bird/Sears items.
  16. B

    Trail horse clutch guard decals and slots.

    I found as close as I can get to the original trail horse clutch guard. I want to cut the horizontal slots into it and find the decals. Can some one make a paper template of the slots for me? This will be going on my Gto1200 build off bike. Also if anyone has good pictures and dimensions of the...
  17. G

    trailhorse chain guard

    can someone give me length & width of a trail horse chain guard? gonna make one out of metal! thanks in advance Mick...
  18. I

    Bonanza Clutch Guard REAL

    i got a real bonanza clutch guard ill offer it up here first before e pay. it has some scratches in the middle of the round part. and some dings around the mounting holes but no dents. i have the engine bracket which someone grinded on. and the engine mounting bracket the red one looks good...
  19. B

    Wtb trail horse tail light and clutch guard

    Looking for a tail light and clutch guard for a Trail horse. Thanks Bryce.
  20. C

    Clutch/Chain guard

    Looking for Clutch/Chain guard for Cat. I know the Eliminator guards are rare, however I will consider using something else. PM me Thanks