2015 OMB Build Off Fox Fun Jff

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I bought this earlier this month. I bought it just for the build off. I'm not sure what direction I'm going. It came with the tank, exhaust, and two tec motors. I may end up putting a predator on this if I end up putting a new front end and swing arm on it. I want to put some bigger tires on it, but that may not happen. I doubt it will be a resto/mod, but that is possible. I hope to get the garage warmed up so that I can get out and finish a few projects soon. I just need to pick a couple things up to get this one going.


update 2/10/2015

Well, I was working on getting one running motor out of two, and I think I have it. I got the new carb on, I have lots of compression and good spark. I just need to stick an exhaust on to fire it up. I'll start with a simple screw-on exhaust, but I'm hoping to go with something different before it's all over and done.
I snuck out and bolted the motor on tonight. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do about the forks. I may try to bend them back for now, but I've been looking at some Chinese pit bike forks too.


Update 2/14/2015

I got the motor fired up last night! I was pretty excited about that. I'm glad I went with the aftermarket carb instead of the rebuild kit. It didn't take much to get the motor cleaned out, checked the inside, bolted on the carb, and made the exhaust work for now. I'll figure out how to make it better later.

I also cut a seat pan last night and added some foam from a camping mat. I bought some vinyl this morning, and I ended up with a usable seat cover. I actually made two. I wasn't overly happy with the first. I tried to do the diamond stitch pattern in it, and I just don't feel like the stitches looked good enough. I also like a really snug fitting seat cover, and the second one was way more snug. Now I just need to find a staple gun that I can use to attach the cover.

Up next, I really need to figure out what I'm going to do with this front end. I've been looking at some Chinese pit bike forks pretty seriously. They say they'll fit a crf 50, and I think my wheels would fit that front end without too much trouble. If I could just find a junk pit bike that had the fork and wheels, I'd probably buy the whole thing. That would probably be cheaper than buying new tires, and a fork.


Straight Forks

Guess who doesn't have to buy a new set of forks?

I took this to my buddy's shop and clamped these down to his welding table. I was gonna heat them up, but decided to see what I could do with a cheater bar first. I think they're pretty good. The one downside right now is that the brash pins that hold the lowers on were sheared off. I will have to drill them out and come up with something else to use. I would love to see some pics of these if anyone has them. I bought some springs for $5 at the local farm supply store. They'll work, but I'm not a big fan of them.

I think I'm almost ready for the final mockup of everything. I do have a headlight that is really cool, but it doesn't have a lens or any of the inside stuff. I'm not running the lighting coil as of now, so I probably won't run a light without a battery. I might stick the headlight on because I think it looks cool.

I know that it was originally orange, but I'm leaning toward black on the frame.


Baby Steps- Update 3-1-15

I told myself I would work a little bit each weekend. Well, this weekend was a busy weekend. I bought another project, and that took the entire evening on Friday. I couldn't justify ignoring the family for a second night. If I keep the wife happy, I can get more done in the long run!

I was able to stick the headlight on. I'm looking for a lens and light. I think I can buy one at HF and disassemble it. I think I might leave this thing exactly as it is. I like the patina on the headlight. I'm leaning more toward a black frame, and I want to paint the Tec HS40 white. Still have to decide on what I'll do for wheels.


Man, Mike, that looks a lot like the one I have. I need some brakes as well. Any idea on a cheap set that will mount up? How about those Manco brakes? Got any parts left over? I'm gonna have to line my tank. It's got a pin hole leak. I'm also thinking of new bars. We'll see how mine clean up. I'm looking for a cheap set of fenders too. I don't care if they're original. I'm not gonna restore this. I'm leaning more toward a resto-mod. I never really cared for the Fox mini bikes until I picked this one up. Now I'm loving them!
No extras Dave...sorry:no:
I picked it up so it would not go to the scrapyard.
Made sure someone who appreciated it got it.
I'm wondering how you will solve that brake problem.:stop:
I believe the Fox I had was a Street Scamp.
The guy who got it said he had one as a kid.
Good job getting that fork sorted.
Update for the 15th. I am working on getting the bars off. That will allow me to totally break it down for paint. Still looking for the original brake calipers at a price I can afford. Tires will be ordered with the tax refund!
April post- I have decided to run the paint that is on it, but only because I've picked up a second job, and time is tight. It will eventually be painted. I also am considering a longer, wider swing arm over the summer, along with a Chinese pit bike front end and tires. They're a little taller and wider than the stock tires, and they'll look killer on it. I don't want to hack up the stock stuff, and those mods would be something I could always swap back out to make it stock.

I'm going to run the stock tank. I'll be pulling the jack shaft kit off of my other entry to use on this. My biggest need now is just brakes.
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