2WD Live Axle Swap

The way my motor is mounted on my gokart, the drive shaft is too short so that it doesn't line up with the axle. The type of axle i have is one that the wheel rotates around it, so a sprocket must be mouted to the 1 wheel and a chain to connect wheel and clutch. My clutch and sprocket won't line up properly.
Is their a driveshaft extension that I can put on and than mount the clutch On that?
If not.. I plan to cut the old axle out completely and swap it with a love axle.. So both wheels are connected by the spinning axle and both wheels are driven. So the sprocket would be mounted on the axle.
Is their a live axle type kit or something i can order?


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Post a good photo of your axle and engine, someone here may have an idea to make what you have work without replacing everything.