5" tires

I just picked up 58 lightly used to somewhat worn kart racing tires. There are many that still have life on them. I'm not going to use all of them. I'm willing to sell some for cheap, or I may be willing to barter for stuff. PM me if you're interested. I will sell them for $10 for a set of 2 plus shipping. I believe they are all 4.5" wide, but I can check tomorrow when it's light and warmer. they are off of a Junior Sportsman chassis. I have friends that moved up to a bigger kart, and they had all of these in the garage. A deal was struck. Now they are in my garage, and I won't ever use all of them. These are slicks. I thought they'd make cheap tires for someone needing to put together a bike that is in need of cheap tires. I'll keep 4 and unload the rest. PayPal only. If you're looking for a set of 4, I can work with you.
Chipper, that is exactly why I picked them up. My buddy was going to be building a few drift trikes, and we were going to run these on them. His prototype has 6" wheels, so these won't work on that. I want to build one that is a bit smaller, so these should work! Let me know! I'm gonna stick these in the shed. They'll be here if anyone needs them. I'm willing to barter for just about any mini bike/ go kart parts.
Feel free to make offers as well. I'm willing to swap for almost anything. These are just sitting, and I'd love to see them get used. If they fit my DB, I'd throw a set on it, but they don't. Like I said, if you need a cheap set to get a frame into a roller, hit me up. PM me if you need any.