Alsport Tri sport

Hey thanks Trent.
I'm gonna create a new thread tonight so I have something just for my restoration but I think I'm going to do a whole new front wheel and tire from a small dirtbike with a front disc brake as it doesn't look like I will ever find a complete front wheel setup for the Trisport.

Does anyone know of any magical chemical to help with seized and rusted parts. I've tried pb blaster but that hasn't gotten me very far. The whole front wheel and axle is seized together and pretty much all the hardware.
They are aluminum spacers on a steel axle. Axle is 5/8 spacers are 3/4od to fit the forks. Use heat, lots of it, and support the opposite side fork so it doesnt flex and absorb the impact. Try not to destroy the threads.
Does anyone have a picture of the throttle cable connected to a Tillotson carb? I have a Kohler 340 and it looks as if the cable is going over the top of the head?