1. Fisher1983

    Tec HS50 versus H35 Power Sport

    So...I'm in the process of building my HS50 5hp engine. I have seen that the OHH50 billet rod fits the HS50. Today I acquired an H35 Power Sport 3.5hp and opened it up. I realized that the crank cases for both engines are identical. In fact, the side cover gasket I bought for the 50 is the same...
  2. manchester1

    Alsport tri sport parts

    I have some Alsport parts on ebay. Check it out.:thumbsup:
  3. manchester1

    Alsport Tri sport handel bars

    Nice set of bars. NOS but have some shelf ware. 60.00 + shipping. Pay pal preferred.
  4. drenchedgremlin

    Are tecumseh "power sport" motors any good?

    I am considering buying a tecumseh power sport 3.5hp motor for under $50. Runs good and looks to be in nice shape. ANy one have good experience with these motors, or should i save my money. Need someone to talk me into or out of it
  5. smudvapor

    smudvapor's - 1971 Coleman Sport Bike - (Vintage Class)

    Well guys, it’s like this. Last year I attempted to build a Coleman Sport Bike and I didn’t quite finish in time. The more I looked at that bike the more I wished I had another one for my wife. Well as luck would have it I bought another one a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t going to enter...
  6. C

    6hp Power Sport throttle connection

    I have a few questions regarding connecting throttle cable. There appears to be two locations where cable can be connected. One is at the side of motor and moves up/down vertically. Or it looks like it can be connected on the bottom part horizontally Which location should be used...
  7. smudvapor

    Looking for Coleman Sport Bike Parts

    Need a triple tree and forks for a Coleman Sport Bike.
  8. SimpleTom

    Coleman Sport 2.40 with working original pull start

    I'm listing this for my brother in law Matt. You can PM me for his phone number if you are interested. It's pretty much all original even has the tool bag mounted under the seat. The pull start works and the engine has spark. He is looking to get $500 o.b.o.
  9. R

    Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 mini bike

    Same seller as the Hodaka E code Engine Restored 1969 Bonanza Sport 50 Mini Bike | eBay
  10. Not so mini bike

    Tri sport ts-50 help

    Does anyone have pics or can take them of the stock engine/tc/jackshaft and sprocket setup. I have the aluminum plate 30 series and it just seems like my drive is really far out to line up. I sat there tonight staring at the whole set up and can't figure on how I can move everything over some...
  11. Alsport vintage photos

    Alsport vintage photos

    Alsport vintage photos
  12. Alsport vintage photos

    Alsport vintage photos

    Alsport vintage photos
  13. Alsport vintage photos

    Alsport vintage photos

    Alsport vintage photos
  14. DSC04431


    1970 Sport King
  15. 20160917_110326


    1970 Sport King
  16. 20160705_113919


    1970 Sport King
  17. 20160705_111929


    1970 Sport King
  18. 20160705_1119171


    1970 Sport King
  19. pomfish

    Trail Sport 5hp with Tav For Sale

    Here we have a powerful little mini bike. She uses the Tecumseh 5hp Power Sport engine and is backed up with the Comet TAV. Think of a heavy duty built Miniature Baja Heat but with rigid forks. Starts easy, pulls like a Mule and stops well. Kill switch works. Just installed brand new recoil...
  20. T

    Attex Colman Sport 2.40

    This is the Attex version for sale. The motor will start, Idel and run no problems. IN GOOD CONDITION, New motor drive gear, missing brake light, handle bar mounts look NOT original. Price is 600 USD located in Milwaukee area. Will not ship.