Arctic Cat Coleman Fox Exhaust - Buyer Beware

I just picked up a complete NOS exhaust from eBay for my Arctic Cat with 50cc Sachs engine. There have been a few of them listed in the last week. Price goes up with each one. Now they're up to $99. I'm not saying the seller was trying to pull a fast one but what I can say is that the quality of the chrome is marginal at best. I'd say they were all like that but I have 3 old ones and they are all shinier than this new one.

Perhaps they just needed a little polishing. Anyone have any experience doing that? Anyone else buy one of these in the last week? These don't look they have been polished at all, ever.
Yikes, I just. Ordered one the other day and waiting for it to arrive. I bought mine for $69 or 79 and then looking afterwards, I see where they have went up. It will be interesting to see what mine looks like when it shows up.
Yep!. I paid $89, then found out a couple others had already sold for less. You got a better deal, but now they are $99. Like I said, I don't think it's a complete waste, but I will be curious to see what you think yours looks like. On mine, it has almost a fine orange peel texture in spots, like the chrome is thin. Near the exit tube, you can see sanding scuff marks under the chrome where they weren't sanded out all the way. I mostly bought it for the header pipe, since they are so hard to find, but compared to my others, this one seems a bit like poorly chromed conduit.

Let me know what you think when you get it.
Status update: I held this exhaust up to my Arctic Cat Prowler and the header pipe angles were all wrong. This pipe is for a Fox Sundowner, not Arctic Cat. The Ebay listing said for both. Not true. Mufflers are interchangeable but the header is not. Chrome was still crap. Thankfully he let me return it. Out $14 in postage but lesson learned. Hope you have better luck.
I got mine and took it out of the box to compare size and fit....looks like it is the same as the one on my Prowler. The chrome is ok, maybe not as nice as an original, but then the price would be higher if there was nos still available.
Well I hope yours is different than mine was. They are very similar but look at the straight part on the header where it meets the muffler. It's longer on a Sundowner pipe than Prowler. If you have the shield on your exhaust, you won't be able to accurately tell. Mine looked like it was going to work until I took the old pipe and muffler off and put the new one on. No go. I'd strongly suggest you try it just in case you need tI return it. I'll try to attach a photo.