Vintage Bonanza bc1300

Got my bike back!! So happy with it! I will finish it this weekend (brake and throttle cables) and ride it when it gets nice out.

F4351C17-3C89-4F29-994A-E236A1C673AA.jpeg 0654C2D8-9F47-4CC0-BA62-8DAE7B8B8092.jpeg EB92A221-1E97-4062-8089-17B17E87421C.jpeg

I had Larry from voodoo Larry customs stripe it, I will be building a bike for his buddy for world of wheels too and cleaning his up. Lots of mini bike work in the next few weeks for me!
The Stripes are awesome!! I really like that
Thanks! I told him to just do what ever he thinks would look good, color choices were great, so happy he did it for me
Wow, that looks fantastic! The pin stripes really brought the whole bike together
Thanks!! That’s what I thought too, my dad wasn’t too into the engine until the bike got striped and now he loves it
That looks awesome, great job.o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
Thanks Karen! He is doing another bike for me now too, another to bring to world of wheels
Man, that's a killer bike! Those stripes just set it off.
Thanks! I’ve only seen a few minis with stripes on them and I love the look too, hopefully I get a couple more striped soon
Great color scheme... Love how you tie the original color of the engine in with the stripes and then the satin black finish on the frame. Looks awesome!
Thanks! He did a great job picking the colors out, I didn’t know what colors or where the stripes would be until I picked it up


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Beautiful bike. Head turner for sure. Excellent job to everbody that did the work.
dragracertpp, Milwaukee or Chicago world of wheels.
Chicago world of wheels. They will be in “tin city” with voodoo Larry’s club. I’m really getting excited about it
Sharp as a TACK !!
Beautiful bike ! Old School Cool !
Thanks OND!
Cool! You made it your own style. Congratulations!
Thanks! I really love that look! Was trying not to stray too far from what a bonanza is but still make it that style