briggs animal 214624 piston

Just recently purchased a briggs animal piston 214624 off eBay but can't seem to find the correct rings that fit this piston. Have googled piston no. but no results, like piston don't exist. I don't have any idea what ring set would work with this piston. So i'm asking , does anyone out there know of this piston or recognize this part no. Any info would be helpful !
This is a 68mm std. piston by the way and has the briggs logo inside the piston skirt and the guy who sold it to me said it was about 6 yrs. old but is still brand new
Eric, for some reason i can't post any pics. Don't know why ?? And no i haven't bought any ring sets yet cause i really don't know what ring set will fit this piston. I have thought of purchasing a stock set of STD.rings for a animal piston off eBay but don't know if i want to take that chance that they might not fit and then having to return them, A big pain if you know what i mean. Surely someone has encountered this piston before on here and was hoping that someone can lead me in the right direction.
Thanks Eric, That's the exact same piston i purchased but the one you have linked is used with used rings. Looked at it before i bought a new one, the guy selling the used piston has had it on eBay for quite some time. I hope i will be able to find a ring set for a piston just like the one in the link.
Thanks 125cc, you are probably right. Did alittle more research and found on another forum that the rings are supposed to be the same for a 206 intek and the 214624 briggs piston i got.