1. gwoods27

    5hp Piston ring question

    I’m looking for std rings for my 130202 5hp. Is 299742 the correct part# rings for it. Bore Diameter measures between 2.5615 and 2.5625. It’s an aluminum bore so I need chrome rings
  2. F

    Tecumseh HSSK50 Offset or Centered Wrist Pin?

    I am building a slightly modified Tec HS50 I had iron sleeved to the later smaller bore HSSK50 2.795", there are 2 different pistons available I believe the earlier on the left flat lower skirt piston has a centered wrist pin there are no markings on the piston and the later lighter piston has...
  3. M

    Piston and Cylinder for Suzuki lt185 quad

    Hey guys im looking for a piston and cylinder for my 1984 Suzuki LT 185. I live in Washington and will pay a fare price. Thank You.
  4. BWL

    JB Weld piston: Dumbest idea of all time?

  5. S

    Bullfrog Hemi Predator High Compression Piston

    Has anyone ever used one of these high compression pistons from bullfrog motorsports in a Hemi predator? According to their website with no other mods it gets you to 11:1 compression. I was thinking it'd be a lot wiser to do this than mill my head to get 11:1. Ole4 reccomended this to me but I...
  6. M

    WANTED : Yamaha Mini enduro JT1 Piston

    I an looking for a .25 1st over piston for a jt1 /jt2 Yamaha mini enduro n anyone have or know where I may find one ?? all suggestions welcome thanks !!
  7. Valocalrep

    Hemi Predator Piston Rings

    So im getting ready to do my order on OldMiniBikes for a new gasket set and new rings mine are well worn down and the engine (picked up used havent ran yet) has low compression. On OldMiniBikes all i can find is Rings for the normal Predator engine does anyone know if these will work in the Hemi...
  8. DeadPixel

    +.175 stroker crank and UT2 piston in 196 clone.

    Just curious can a person use the UT2 piston with a +.175 stroker crank and a +.010 length rod being that the stock piston is +.020 in the hole in a 196 clone. If I did my math right that would put the piston just below the deck at .0025" has any one tried this?
  9. R

    Spark plug piston clearance issue

    Howdy all, Just checking to see if this is common or not. I am building a gx200 clone. Had .065 taken off the head, chamber measures 15cc. However, it was obvious when I was cc'ing the head, the stock Chinese spark plug was protruding quite a bit below the deck of the head, about .045. I...
  10. markus

    Wiseco .080 Tecumseh H25/H30 NOS racing piston

    .080 piston for a Tecumseh h25/h30 engine $45 shipped.
  11. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Crank and Piston options for Tecumseh H60 Electronic Ignition

    I picked up a 1988 H60 for next to nothing yesterday. Tore it down to assess the damage (a lot!). Will need to be bored and needs a new crank. Must be something about big blocks, because this is the second one I've picked up with the governor spool in pieces. Piston rod broken into little pieces...
  12. 125ccCrazy

    WTB: Briggs Raptor III piston

    Looking for a new std bore R3 piston... buy or trade for.
  13. B

    Piston and bore

    I have a wiseco piston P214 (2.795) from an old build and I'm wanting to reuse it in a new build. Can I order a block from NR racing with a piston bore 2.756 or do I need to send my block after to have it bored? And if my memory is correct I need ring set 2.776? Sorry for sounding like I have no...
  14. 125ccCrazy

    looking for someone that can turn the top of a piston down

    I have a pop up piston and if I use the longer rod it will stick out of the hole probably .020-.030 so I will need to top outer edge turned down so I can get it to zero deck height,, a little may need to be milled off the pop up area also.. If this is something you think you can do let me know..
  15. 1stBxMopar

    Piston Ring Headache

    I have a 1969 Tecumseh H30 on the bench that I am in the process of rebuilding. After a parts search and making sure the cylinder was within spec, the last thing I was waiting for was an NOS std. piston ring set that I found on ebay. So when they arrived today I was happy that I could go forward...
  16. 125ccCrazy

    wanted: gx390/420 billet rod, cam, intake manifold, flat top piston for a 420cc

    looking for a good used or new stock length rod, cam no bigger than 360 lift, intake manifold for Mikuni...
  17. B

    kawasaki kv75/mt1 piston rings

    hi guys I'm looking for standard piston rings for a kawasaki 1974 mt1b. the cylinder and and piston are fine.The part number is 13008-029.They come up on eBay every once in a while but some people are asking crazy money.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Im looking to bring the mt1b back...
  18. B

    1974 mt1 b piston rings

    Hey guys I'm working on a Kawasaki mt1/kv75.i need to replace the piston rings what I see for that year it says .020 oversize or .040. There both available on eBAy not sure which ones to get. Also does anyone know how much trans gear oil. I see a screw, it looks like you remove and fill until it...
  19. L

    Race ready honda clone, black mamba cam, flat top piston, big valve, billet internals

    Black mamba cam Honda flat top piston file fit rings ARC billet flywheel ARC billet rod ARC billet gx200 to gx390 carb adapter GX390 Carb Velocity stack + air filter + choke hold bracket 8mm plug wire champion rockers 1 to 1 ratio chr push rods raceseng guide plate 28.5mm intake...
  20. L

    Dual piston hydraulic brake lever & master cylinder

    never used this, dual piston hydraulic brakes, great stopping power, a lot better then the pocket bike hydraulic brakes. These are meant to stop a 500-600 pound ATV. 68mm mounting hole to mounting hole $35 shipped