Cheezy1's Vintage Harrison Build

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That's shiny. Very nice.
I would love to do some chrome but, down here, that is not in the budget.
They wanted 350 for 2 ten inch rims. No spokes just bare rims. Nuts!
Well..after 5 months and 4 trips to the chromer...the frame, fenders and clutch cover are correct. I can hopefully start assembly even though the build off is way over.:doah:
And yes..thats just wax..I just unwrapped it and havent cleaned it up yet.
You sound like me, if something is not right I'll take it back till it is. Bet the chromer hates you but he done it to himself.:doah:
Thanks guys...but the only progress made lately was moving it to a new bench in the garage.:laugh: And the frame was 400 by itself to chrome. The rest of the parts were grouped with another bikes chrome parts and I havent sat down to figure it all out yet. But its alot.:doah: