Dune cycle

Do you have the original one and just need the center section? Or do you just need a 3/4" Peerless 100 series differential.
Cant find the picture but need the left side axle (looking from rear) that bolts to the differential. For some reason the po cut and shortened the origional one.

We have been using the 1" differentials from larry's in Pa. Cheapest ones around. They drop to 3/4" where they go into the housing. You could go that route with a new one and buy new 1" bearings. Or if you know the length of the axle you need then you could buy one and have a machine shop turn down one of the axles that come with it. I would sugest using the new housing(center section) so you have fresh gears. Or if yours are good you should be able to order axles from Peerless or Ebay... But I think Larry's are less than $50 plus shipping and are NOS.
I was wondering if anyone has any info on a dune cycle 5hp motor.I was looking in my grandpa's basement and came across a near mint looking b&s5hp has a decal on gas tank that said dune cycle.also has a Crome air cleaner and light coil.any help would be great thanks bob
I think mine has the origional engine on it but tank and recoil have been painted yellow. In the Dunecycle flyer I have it shows the engine to be all grey with the flag and dunecycle decal.
DuneCycle seat cover

Have you got one for one of these?
Not Yet. I am going to make one for the seat I have, I was going to make up a couple extras. Just in case someone out there needed one.
That was a two piece seat cover . a pad in the bottom like one have and the back pad was very thin.