Few questions about my old 5hp motor


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See the bolt in the center? That comes out. Then there should be a set screw on the part that slides over the crank shaft. Allen wrench type screw. May be right in line with the keyway.
Do you have any type of puller? You may need that to get it off.
Like I know what I'm talking about.
Remove chain, remove bolt from end of crankshaft, spray PB Blaster if needed on both sides of clutch and let sit a bit, tap on the clutch center next to the crankshaft to help break free, if you cannot encourage it to move and slide off a three jaw puller is what you will need to do the job..................Tom.
You're going to have to get something in behind the clutch to hold the crankshaft steady if it's spinning when you go to take out that bolt. Otherwise the clutch should come right off after loosening everything Buckeye said to loosen.

How do you get it off?
Does your engine have a bolt in the end of the shaft? The reason I ask is because I have had clutches that bonded their self so tight, the only way I have found to get them off without ruining them was to take a big nut and tack weld it to the clutch,then put a bolt in it to use it like a gear puller.Then just cut the nut off the clutch with a cutoff wheel.A gear puller will ruin that clutch and you will need a new one.You need a bolt big enough so it "don't" go into the threaded part of the crankshaft.:shrug:I do things a little differently,I am pretty good at saving usable parts though.
Well. Mine didn't have a bolt on the outside. It had 2 allen screws which I removed. Then I used my puller to pull the "CLUTCH" off lol. Came off after about 2 minutes with the puller.

Thanks for the help guys.