Flathead flywheel options

Does anyone know if there are any flywheels with similar tapers and sizes as the 5hp Flathead, don’t wanna pay $200 for a flywheel that will barely get used but also don’t want to risk a cast flywheel, will any sort of clone flywheel or something like a predator or Lo206 flywheel, timing doesn’t matter as I can run no keyway or later down the road machine a spot for one.
Since you seem to have all the answers, why don't you just look it up yourself?
If you want to put a heavy flywheel on a vertical crankshaft, try looking at vertical engines that did NOT have mower blades on the crankshaft.

Pressure washers, tillers, small riding mowers with transmissions... If they had a blade on the crank, they used a lightweight flywheel. The ones from equipment that were not walk behind mowers had heavier flywheels.

Hope that helps.