1. E

    Briggs cam

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I’m trying to find a 94ss cheater cam for my briggs5hp and I’m hoping someone could steer me in the direction of one. Thanks!
  2. MowKart Mayhem

    Flathead flywheel options

    Does anyone know if there are any flywheels with similar tapers and sizes as the 5hp Flathead, don’t wanna pay $200 for a flywheel that will barely get used but also don’t want to risk a cast flywheel, will any sort of clone flywheel or something like a predator or Lo206 flywheel, timing doesn’t...
  3. D

    Homemade cams?

    Home ground cams i recently built one myself and it worked but its not pretty anyone else try this with some results
  4. A

    Flathead build help

    Hi i was looking for some good builds for flathead 5hp engines. Im wanting to get between 10-15 hp out of the engine for my kart, thanks
  5. maknwar

    Flathead had oil everywhere on outside

    I am restoring a 5hp flathead and it looks like oil was coming out of the valve cover breather. I just broke it all down and the intake valve looks pretty bad covered in oil. It also doesn't look like it seats properly. Question is, would the valve not seating properly cause oil to leak down...
  6. C

    Tec 5.5 ohv vs vintage tec 4-5 hp flathead

    I'm curious about what people on OldMiniBikes think about this comparison,Tec 5.5 Power Sport OHV vs. A vintage Tec 4or5 hp flathead. The chosen motor will be going on a Manco Trailcat.
  7. OND

    Briggs 5 HP Flathead Spark Plugs

    I know this has probably been brought up 100's of times, but what spark plug do you use in your Briggs 5hp flathead ? Heres what I'm starting out with. I also have a Autolite 411 coming in today.
  8. buddha52

    5hp Flathead Parts

    Just started clearing out my left over parts from my building days. All prices + shipping. Any questions let me know. ARC rods 6350 and 6328 w/piston Don't know piston size at this time. $25 each IC Bore Dual Bearing Block,side cover and head. STD bore and un touched ports. $50 EZ BORE...
  9. CLH

    Wanted Briggs & Stratton 8hp flathead

    I am looking for a flathead 8hp Briggs motor. 8hp with 1 inch shaft. Shaft must be at least 2 3/4 inches long. Or provide me a model number and type to see if I can find a shaft to swap in. Cases should be smooth without studs sticking out, most I/C series engines will NOT fit in this...
  10. delray

    briggs flathead 4 cylinder

    i know i posted a link in the pass on this,but i thought it would be cool to show a up date on this custom built 4 cylinder briggs.......:thumbsup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-24ScVo_TxM
  11. gran_pann

    5 hp flathead racing carb, tillotson, mikuni, need advice

    Sooo. I sucessfully put a honda gx200 carb on my briggs 5 hp flathead that I hopped up. I made a custom intake, welded my own stainless exhaust (about .85"ID 1"OD 2X 45 deg bends in it) It runs like a dream. Direct throttle custom made by myself bolted to a pivot point on the head. The only...
  12. M

    5 HP Flathead spark help?

    ok ij ust bough a light blue briggs. when I touch the top of the spark plug wire it gives my hand a very strong jolt. I could not get the motor to run so I pulled the plug out and saw that it was making no spark at all so I put a different plug that was on another briggs that was running 5...
  13. bikerboybenny8

    Wanted. EC Bert mikuni to flathead Briggs intskr

    Title says it all, cash in hand
  14. R

    Briggs flathead blocks

    Briggs blocks for sale, including one ported/modded/stroke clearanced, one mostly complete short block (appears to be NOS), and one partial short block (used and disassembled). No idea of the specs of the modded block, but it appears to be based upon a dual-bearing engine; stroker clearanced...
  15. C

    Briggs flathead engine speed help

    I'm building a mini for a 6 year old. I only want the top speed to be around 20 mph. Right now he has an electric mini which tops out at 14 mph so I only want it to be a little faster for now. I will be using a Briggs flat head engine I believe is 3 or 3.5 hp. What's the best way to do this?
  16. L

    Briggs 5 hp flathead

    What is the best high performance piston and connecting rod for my briggs 5 hp flat head engine
  17. Old_iron

    Lot of custom Briggs flathead cams, parts

    Price does not include shipping. This one will ship USPS. I have included the weight and you can run rate quotes yourself from zip code 83864. PM me with any questions. Thanks! Large lot of custom cams/ parts - $75 What I know about these is that at some point they were exposed to moisture and...
  18. H

    Crane cam for Briggs 5hp flathead

    I picked up a Crane cam for a 5hp Briggs flathead , the numbers on it are 241-2-6 , does anyone know anything about this , like what it would be compareable to in a Dyno cam ?
  19. mad mark

    5hp flathead governor bypassing?

    something is messed up with with all the crazy linkage on my briggs and after reading a few things was wondering if my engine will really grenade if i just bypass the governor? seems like some people said they left it on and just had linkage going straight to the carb and no problems. others...
  20. 1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025

    1963 LiL Indian 600 #1025