Foremost JC Pennt Golden Pinto

Hi. Thanks for letting me join the forum. Awhile back I found an old mini bike on CL. Made a deal and brought it home. Turned out to be a JC Penny Foremost Golden Pinto made by Bird. After letting it sit around all winter I got it out and cleaned out the carb and tank. After a couple of pulls the motor started and ran good. Clutch was ok and it rode really well even after sitting for many years. I pulled the engine then sanded down the frame and wheels . It's still missing some parts but I'll start looking for a original throttle twist and seat. It has a custom chromed chain guard and a plastic clutch cover I made from a lawnmower discharge. I hope to find an original guard and clutch brake set-up someday. After I gather up the missing parts I'll tear it down a do a better paint job. For now it's fun to bomb around the yard on.
That is pretty badass! You did a great job with her, maybe put that narly bell back on, the local PD will dig that as well.

Thanks guys. Forgot to mention that I only paid 100 bucks for the bike and that the motor is original to the frame. Sorry..I seemed to have misplaced that bell.
Beautiful bike man what year is it?
That's something I was hoping to find out. The metal tag on the engine plate says JC Penny model 5306 by BIRD. I figure early 70's. I was real lucky with the engine and clutch. All I had to do was clean the carb and tank and it started right up. Took me more time to sand off the surface rust from the engine cover ..LOL...That thing looked terrible. Going to do my best to make it look more original with a better seat and correct throttle. I have several Honda CT70's I've restored over the years but this is the first old school mini I've ever had. Rode a few when I was a kid but that's about it. I've had to get used to looking for a 7/16ths and 3/8ths wrench for the first time in years.
I've got one too. Mine is mostly mint. The original stickers are there, the seat has some cracks in the piping. The original motor runs fine, the clutch seems shot. It seriously sat in my parents garage for years. My mother moved out of the house we all grew up in, and I ended up with the mini bike. I'm 40, and am fairly certain it was made before I was born.

So, here is the deal. I know cars. Some cars are sought after to be completely original, some are perfect for rodding out. I'm not looking for a minibike that's completely original, I want a goofy camp bike with lights, give it a flame paint job, chrome, maybe a LED whip. It'd be for when we're not driving the full size bikes, or rock crawling. I might as well make it ridiculous. I'm 6'2" 225, so me on any mini bike is ridiculous, so what's worth doing is worth overdoing!

I'd hate to destroy something that should be preserved, but I don't know if a golden pinto is worth keeping original and sold, then purchase something and playing with that. Metalic Gold is a great base color for a flame job...

What does the forum think I should do?
Anyone have a picture of their carb linkage?

Hey guys. I have restored my dads old foremost golden pinto. I did not take pictures of the carb set up before i took everything apart and it was over a year to i finished putting everything back together. I have no idea what the proper set up on the carb is. Can anyone post some pictures of their carb linkage setup? I would be very thankful. THats all i need to do and this baby is done! It