Found the original Boonie I built in 1969

I purchased the same Boonie Bike I built in 1969 recently in amazing original condition. Pretty much all it needs is a cosmetic clean up. New to this site and hope to meet some folks that are or were bitten in the past by the Boonie bug.

I plan on posting some pictures tomorrow.
I should have been ready for that! It's at my shop. The throttle grip has been changed and there's a hole in the rear of the chain cover. The 2 speed selector and cable were removed but still look new. The cad plating is still present on the rear sprocket. Seat looks like it did in '69 and most paint is intact. Only original once... I'll post a bunch tomorrow. I haven't even wiped it off yet.


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makes you wonder what the story is of how someone could own a bike like that but just let it sit and not use it.
I had a 1991 KE100 Kawaski with 500 miles on it. It looks like brand new and has been sitting in the back of a shed since 1994. My dad bought it to ride, he rode it a little, got prostrate problems, and then never touched it. I learned to ride a clutch bike on it, and moved onto bigger better bikes. I actually pulled it out the other day.
The Boonie went to Maine when my parents moved from NY in 1979. Mom gave it to her neighbor, had a son that really wanted it. He rode it for about 6 months. He lost interest in it - getting a larger dirt bike and there it sat. Their family moved south and brought it with them. There it sat for over 25 years untouched in their garage.
Yeah, that's a super nice bike. And, even better, you brought it back home to you. Makes me wonder what happened to the bikes my brothers and I had, or the 69 Allouette snowmobile.